Vivid Dreams IX

November 30, 2016 I find myself in the most casual of clothes. Jeans, t-shirt. Worn, comfortable shoes. Socks with holes at the big toes. They’re clean, though you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking. Old stains have set, impervious to laundering. At fifty paces, you might think I was homeless. I’ve given up, you […]

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Vivid Dreams VII

I find myself in the back seat of a limousine, looking through the side window. The streets outside are humming with big American cars, all steel and chrome from the seventies. They gleam like new. Cyclopean stone buildings squat along the boulevard like engineered mountain ranges. Fortresses of turrets and parapets. Buttressed cathedrals. A crucifix and haloed dove on every vertical […]

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Vivid Dreams VI

  November 1, 2015 A dream after the end of the anthropocene. Civilization has collapsed and mankind lives like rats in the bones of cities. I find myself in a stone castle, a vanity fortress built by an obscenely rich man. His bones lie unburied and scattered in the yard. Did I kill him? No. […]

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Vivid Dreams V

A place deep in the woods. Drawn to it without any understanding or reason why. We started on foot, hiking wide city streets from the valley up into twisting mountain roads. The farther we went, the fewer cars whizzed by. Pavement was pale gray with age beneath us, and grasses forced their way into cracks, […]

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Vivid Dreams III

April 28, 2014 I find myself on a city street, pushing through a crush of pedestrians. Adult men, mostly. The few women are bundled, hiding their shape beneath bulky wraps. Our clothes vary in shade from smoke to jet, but we all look the same. Sullen faces, annoyed at the proximity, minds walled. The city […]

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Vivid Dreams II

It’s irrelevant that the people I know on a first name basis will never cross my path, or that the places I find myself are so posh or impoverished that I’d never settle down there, or that the things I say, and see, and do…they just aren’t the sort of thing I’ll ever need to deal with. […]

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Vivid Dreams

I’ve threatened to do this for a while now…talked about making my journal public (for the Hoot that it is). But before I do, you should know the main reason I keep a journal is to record dreams. For as long as I can recall my dreams have been vivid. All the senses are present, […]

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