It’s a New Year. So Now What?

Greetings from Austin, Dear Readers!

With Plasma Rain in print, we’ve brought conclusion to our ten-years-in-the-making series, Angry Ghosts; and we’re simply thrilled at the response. Page reads in the Kindle Lending Library are at an all time high. (We credit Marek Okon’s incredible talent on the cover for Plasma Rain, and maybe—just maybe—we got the pages between right)

Okay, the series is done. Now what?

Some might think we’d rest on our ample haunches, clinking tumblers, in celebration. Well, sure, there were more than a few Old Fashioneds poured, but Luxardo Cherries don’t buy themselves. And ultimately, it really is about creation. Writers write. Publishers publish.

Beaning around in Farnham’s noggin is a supernatural/psychological thriller in the vein of Dean Koontz. It’ll be a standalone novel, not a series, and oh my is it daaaaarrrrrrrrk…

We also have a story that’s hard to classify. Kind of a “Bedtime Story for Adults,” if you will. We’ll put it out shortly.

There may be an anthology of short stories, as well, taken from the Vivid Dreams posts on this blog and projects elsewhere.

In the meantime, thank you for your support! It means everything to us. And, please, if you’ve read our books, would you leave a review? Reviews are crucial to building visibility online. Goodreads, Amazon, blog pages, chat rooms, anywhere you can, we’d be immensely grateful.



Second Review for Black Hawks From a Blue Sun

Anna at Genre Reviews came through for us with another review! She provided the finest analysis we’ve ever received on Angry Ghosts and now has given Black Hawks the full monty.

“I enjoyed Angry Ghosts, which was full of some really lovely worldbuilding and character interactions, and looked forward to the sequel. Black Hawks continues with the character interactions, at least between the three men, but there’s far less with the worldbuilding since the team is separated from everyone else and are back on Earth. Thompson, Argo, and Beckert make for a well balanced team, each of them competent enough on their own but nearly unstoppable together. Good thing, too, since the book focuses entirely on the three gentlemen, completely forgetting former teammate Maiella and the rest of the people met in book 1.

The biggest issue I had with the book is that because there was no major conflict driving things forward, the whole thing felt like it meandered aimlessly from mini-adventure to mini-adventure until the team makes their big shocking discovery. It was very episodic, and without a major driving force behind everything, it was easy to put the book down in between adventures and leave it there. Certainly they had their mission, but there was nothing preventing them from completing it. No tension means a serious lack of momentum for much of the book.

Kudos where it’s due, though: the big dramatic discovery (which is really a two-parter) is a delicious mind-spinner and the effect it has on Beckert especially is almost worth the read on its own. I can’t help but wonder how the new information will be taken by everyone else back at Cadre One, once it gets back there.”

Thank you again, Anna!

See the full review here, and have a look at some of the other reviews posted while you’re there. These ladies know their stuff.