Here’s a Taste…

Do you recall back in January, we hinted that Farnham was working on something new, something daaaaaaaark? We’ve received the treatment and major plot excerpts. Here’s a taste: The memory comes to him, unbidden and demanding, so he indulges it. He remembers holding her hand on a warm September day. Afternoon sunlight filtered through broadleaf canopy […]

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Vivid Dreams X

  August 25, 2016 I’m seated on a barstool, not five feet from a low stage. Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia of Curve are there, tuning up before their set. Never heard Toni speak before, only sing. And as she calls out the mic check, there’s an awkwardness about her that is just plain charming. […]

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Vivid Dreams IX

November 30, 2016 I find myself in the most casual of clothes. Jeans, t-shirt. Worn, comfortable shoes. Socks with holes at the big toes. They’re clean, though you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking. Old stains have set, impervious to laundering. At fifty paces, you might think I was homeless. I’ve given up, you […]

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It’s a New Year. So Now What?

Greetings from Austin, Dear Readers! With Plasma Rain in print, we’ve brought conclusion to our ten-years-in-the-making series, Angry Ghosts; and we’re simply thrilled at the response. Page reads in the Kindle Lending Library are at an all time high. (We credit Marek Okon’s incredible talent on the cover for Plasma Rain, and maybe—just maybe—we got the […]

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Plasma Rain Now Available WORLDWIDE

At long last… We are beyond proud to present Plasma Rain, the much anticipated conclusion to the Angry Ghosts Series.  Ordinarily, we’d make a glib comment about our author taking ten years to bring this story to a finish (2009 – 2019). But right now we’re just ecstatic to share it with you, dear readers. Click […]

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New Cover art for Plasma Rain

With the book block for Plasma Rain complete, we’ve turned our attention to the cover. For the finale of our decade long series, we wanted something special. Against all hope, we contacted Marek Okon, a brilliant mixed media artist. Mr Okon has worked covers of the biggest Triple A games like Naughty Dog’s Uncharted Series […]

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