Shrewsbury Borders Book Signing

Before anything else, I want to say “Merci Buckets” to Kerry Popp at the Shrewsbury Borders Bookstore for hosting the Local Authors Event. I was pleased at the invite and proud to attend. Sure, I leap at the chance to meet new folks. I’ll drive all over the place to do it, too. Not just […]

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Author’s update

Howdy from Burlington, NC! While temps in the upper 90s can be a tad oppressive, the thunderstorms have been worth it. Window rattling thunder, Emergency Alert System Warnings on the radio, golf ball hail, and end-of-the-world-style deluges…the magnificence of nature is well-demonstrated. Just don’t leave your car outside, if you can help it. Then again, […]

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Excuses, Excuses.

Here at Cadre One Publishing, we know what you think of excuses: Everyone’s got one, they all stink, and no one wants to hear it. Yeah. And you’re right. So how come Black Hawks isn’t on your coffee table right now? (sigh) We really want to give you an excuse… The fact is, it just […]

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