Black Hawks From a Blue Sun Gets a Well-Deserved Update

Let’s face it, some of us haven’t aged well. Could be inevitable leathering from sun-drenched youth. Could be over enthusiasm for barrel-aged spirits. Or could be genetic lineage back to the British Isles. (In our author’s case it’s the trifecta)

Is this HBO’s Crypt Keeper or an actual photo of Plasma Rain author F. Allen Farnham? We can’t tell.

As we look back on our library there’s one title that hasn’t held up like we imagined. BHFaBS deserved more creative percolation, more review, more development. But we were a much younger publisher then, and, in our eagerness, we prematurely published.

Did we consider going back and fixing it? Oh, sure, many times. Instead, we decided it was more important to get the subsequent novels out before Hollywood or another author produced work that was too similar. James Cameron’s Na’vi (with blue skin, tails, and yellow eyes) in Avatar felt like a shot straight across our bow, and we needed copyright protection ASAP.

Now that Plasma Rain is a wrap and we have a complete series, BHFaBS gets the treatment it always deserved. Not to worry, we didn’t stuff it with a hundred eyesores like George Lucas did to his once-beloved Sci-Fantasy masterpiece.* We revised it with more experienced eyes to improve story flow, pace, description, and many many grammatical corrections.  At last, the book has its proper voice.

Kindle version of BHFaBS has already been updated. To celebrate, we’re offering the Kindle e-book Black Hawks From a Blue Sun for free from now through Feb 29, 2020! If you’ve already read it, be sure to get your updated version. If you liked it, please leave us a review and tell a friend. Or, if you haven’t tried it out yet, now’s a great time to give it a whirl.

We’ll make another announcement as soon as the updated softcover is available. For anyone with a previous version of the softcover, we’re going to do a limited number of trade-ins. Give our author a note at fafarnham at gmail dot com to be on the list.

As always, thank you for sticking with us all these years!

-All of us at C.O.P.


*Han shot first, and we will fight everyone who argues.


A Note on Downloading…



We’ve discussed Piracy at length here at Cadre One Publishing, and the discussions aren’t as one-sided as you’d think.

It always begins the same: we’ll see a sudden dip in our sales, and we know our books have been posted to (yet another) illegal download site. So we go find them and send out our DMCA notifications. Usually the links are taken down in a couple weeks. But every time it happens, its a dent in our income.

Mind you, none of us got into publishing to get rich. Who would these days, right? But we gotta eat once in a while. So the same question always comes up:

“What do we do about it?”

Piracy is the reality of an unregulated internet, and we have to face it. Some authors and publishers go out, legal guns blazing, with cease and desist orders, police reports, and computer/server seizures. That doesn’t really strike our fancy (unless the offenses are REALLY egregious). And it’s good to see the work is getting popular enough that others want to share it.

Thinking of it that way, we’re glad that people are getting into the story of Maiella, Argo, and Thompson. Yeah, we’d rather earn a living most days, but we’re still pleased the work is out there being enjoyed.

It doesn’t really matter where you got it. Amazon, B&N, or the Pirate Bay. What we ask is that if you’ve read our books, and you liked them, but haven’t paid for them, throw the author a buck or two via PayPal or Square Cash. It’s a little thing, but it really helps.


Square Cash:$FAFARNHAM

Plus, we don’t want Farnham to give up and abandon the last book. Because when tip jars at open mic nights start to become a more reliable form of income, you know it’s pretty bleak.

Can’t do this without your support!



Branching Out

Day Job

Howdy, folks.

Being a micro publisher means we can try a few things to maximize efficiency, experiment with them to see how they work. Another way of saying it is that our day jobs keep getting in the way, so we do as much as we can in the time we have.

One distributor seemed to offer our biggest bang for the buck: Kindle Direct. Biggest market, national distribution, easy set up, nice automation, and strong returns for exclusivity. But recent events are a tad concerning.

Why should Amazon have any say whatsoever in what a publisher charges for their books?

We have no affiliation with Hachette. And to be frank, we do think their ebook prices are high. But who are we to say? If that’s what the market will bear, then let them charge what they like. There just isn’t any sense in Amazon trying to strong arm a publisher into a pricing model.

So we’re branching out. Something we should have done ages ago, in fact. As of today, all three books from Cadre One Publishing are available for download from Barnes & Noble Nook Books:

Angry Ghosts

Black Hawks From a Blue Sun

The Exhausted Dead

Next stop will be iBooks. Would be there already if Mavericks OS would run on our old Black MacBook. We’ll let you know soon as they’re up and available.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, work continues on Plasma Rain. We know this one’s been a long time coming. Bringing the series to conclusion will take many pages, and we want to make sure it never turns preachy, never drags. Hang in there, folks. We’ll make certain it’s worth it.

In the meantime, keep that hate mail coming! We use it to keep the fire going under Farnham’s feet.



Story Bundle

Twilight Love story

Howdy hey, folks-

Remember last month when we gave away Black Hawks for free? Said we had something big up our sleeves, right? Usually, we’re just talking a lot of smack. But not this time.

We’re very proud to announce that

Angry Ghosts has been selected for  Sci-Fi Saturday Night’s Story Bundle!


Sci-Fi Saturday Night is more than a podcast. It’s more than a blog. It’s a group of folks who live and breathe science fiction. These novels were specifically chosen by the Cast of Characters at SFSN, so it was no small honor to receive their invitation. That our very own typewriting chimp could have caught their collective eye, well… We’re as happy as a post-coital Mantis eating its mate’s head.


What the bleeding hell is Story Bundle?

Story Bundle is a way for people who love to read to discover quality indie books written by indie authors. You know how it’s always hard to find something good to read? StoryBundle hopes to solve that.

They take a handful of books—usually about five or so—and group them together to offer as a bundle.  Think of a friend that scours independent books for undiscovered gems, then puts a bunch together for you and says, “Hey, I think you’ll like these.”

These books have NO Digital Rights Management, no restrictions how you read and share them. And the best part? You decide how much you want to pay for them. Seriously.

$3 is the minimum price to get the basic bundle. But if you give $10, you get the whole shebang. There’s no filler here, folks. Ain’t a bad deal. It’s also a great cause, because unlike all those other greasy entertainment industries out there, you decide how much goes to the authors. Seriously.


So take a look. See what you think. And if you like it, please show it around a bit. Hard for us indies to get noticed, you know?

Ciao for now.


Here’s something you don’t see everyday…

What’s that? An express line through airport security? A Hindu eating beef? A Wall Street financier going to prison?


For the first time ever, we’re putting Black Hawks From a Blue Sun up for free worldwide download on Amazon Kindle from December 13th through 17th.


Wait, what? Why give away the second book in the series?

Well, for starters, we know a lot of you will be facing the holidays in a fit of full consciousness. Youngsters running about means those punchbowls of eggnog and wassail will be as innocent as a nun at confession. We at C.O.P. are sympathetic to this drought and, thus, we provide an escape to ease the pain of undimmed contact with all your “quasi-relations.”

Also, because we’re planning something big for Angry Ghosts in January. A big step into a larger world. We’ll keep you posted.

So take advantage of us while we’re feeling generous. Because the moment Farnham gets a royalty check he can actually live on, we just know he’ll become absolutely intolerable.

Happy Winter Holidays from everyone at Cadre One Publishing!

Happy Winter

To the point…

“When one does not know what to say, it is time to be silent”

Yul Brynner delivered that line in the movie, The King and I. Being direct ourselves, we appreciate that sort of candor and find ourselves quite willing to give it, especially to all the little Napoleons in their giant gas pigs who would rather burn two thousand miles off their tires than let you merge into traffic ahead of them.


So while we’re feeling honest, let’s cut right to it. There will be a new book this year. Mr. Farnham recently posted that the new book was going to be much longer than the others, that it would take him as long as eighteen months to finish.

Yeah, right.

Keeping you waiting that long, dear readers, is a ludicrous stretch. And so we commit to a new novel before year end, if not sooner. We also commit to taking back editorial privilege over our author’s posts.

Will it be the last of the series? No.

Cadre 2 has maintained its secrets for over a thousand years and only grudgingly gives them up. It is a place of phenomenal advancement achieved in the absence of compassion or conscience. There is so much to tell. More to show.

Cramming everything into one book just to complete a trilogy would be foolish and wrong. The remaining story is simply too large to fit neatly within one final cover. So this will not be the last of the series.

The title? We’re running with Exhausted Dead for now, as the Homeric phrase applies on multiple levels. How, you may ask?

Heh. We may be in an honest mood, but we sure aren’t giving that away.

Keep the mail coming. Except for you spammers.


Ever forward.


Author Rejects Multi-Million Dollar Contract

You may’ve heard how it’s hard to earn a living in publishing. Well, it is. That’s why we were amazed to learn our author turned up his nose at a $2.3M 3-book/movie deal. And that he failed to mention this to us. Naturally, we were a tad curious…

C.O.P.: So. Nice weather today, yeah?

Farnham: Heh?

C.O.P.: Weather. Nice.

Farnham: I like it a bit warmer, actually, and the snow thing is getting…

C.O.P.: Heard you got an offer.

Farnham: Offer? If you call something that would ruin my entire way of life an offer, then…

C.O.P.: Sounded interesting.

Farnham: Interesting… Now there’s a word that doesn’t apply. Bunch of tie-choked bore-machines. Stale as the pizza in my couch.

C.O.P.: (Drumming fingers) Not them. What they had to say.

Farnham: Like I said. Boring.

C.O.P.: So you like how you’re living, then? Satisfied with the accomodations? Comfy?

Farnham: What, I’m just gonna let success descend on its leathery wings and scoop me off into wealth and security? Hah!

C.O.P.: You might want to consider it, at least…

Farnham: NO WAY. You think I could stand to have my coffee served by a live-in servant? You think I could endure not idling in traffic by having a flying car? You got another thing coming. I KNOW what’s good for me.

C.O.P.: Clearly.

Farnham: Oh, was that sarcasm? Let me tell you something about SARCASM…

Farnham continued his manic rant until we clubbed him like a baby seal, peeled his skin, and wore his flesh suit to the contract negotiation. We were already quite good at signing his name. All we needed to complete the impersonation was a crooked grin and caffeine palpitations. Thanks to our Vegas contact, the offer was bumped to $2.7M.

Be looking for the re-release of Angry Ghosts and Black Hawks followed by the upcoming Exhausted Dead this winter. The straight to video movies will initially be released in China under the series title, Everyone’s Dead 1, 2, and 3.

It’s too bad Farnham will never know Keanu Reaves will play the part of Thompson. He always admired Reaves as an actor…