Angry Ghosts Giveaway!

Halloween has always been our favorite holiday. It’s the perfect celebration of Fall with a little bit o’wicked thrown in. But every year stores bring out the Yuletide Cheer earlier, as if seeing a snowman with a red and green scarf is suddenly going to trigger all of our spending impulses. Relax, Kris Kringle, you’ll get your turn. […]

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Of Mortal Creatures Updated

Soon after release, we noticed there were a few things not quite right with our latest offering, Of Mortal Creatures. Now, we’re pleased to report those issues have been addressed. Since it was under the knife, anyway, OMC benefitted from another pass through the editorial gauntlet. We all agree this is the polished version our readers deserved from day […]

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Of Mortal Creatures

Dear Readers- To those stalwart few  holding out for the continuing adventures of Thompson, Argo, and Maiella, take heart! We’re close to releasing Book #4 in the Angry Ghosts series, and we’re calling it, Of Mortal Creatures. Those with a sharp eye already know the inspiration for this title. “Of mortal creatures, all that breathe […]

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First Draft of Book #4 Complete

Wait, what’s that? Something was completed? Suspend disbelief, because Farnham actually delivered to us his finished first draft of…Book #4. Why are we calling it book #4? Because this isn’t the ending we were promised. 124,692 words, and there is still another book to bring us to conclusion. And there is no mention of the […]

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A Note on Downloading…

  We’ve discussed Piracy at length here at Cadre One Publishing, and the discussions aren’t as one-sided as you’d think. It always begins the same: we’ll see a sudden dip in our sales, and we know our books have been posted to (yet another) illegal download site. So we go find them and send out […]

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Progress on Plasma Rain

Dear Readers- This is going to read like an apology to an abused lover. And right it should, since we at C.O.P. absolutely adore our readers. But like the jerk in any abusive relationship, we’ve been unkind. Two years it has been since our last release, and people have been rightfully asking, “When is your […]

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