Who the Pills Want Me to Be

“You’re getting better,” the doctor says, scratching pen across his pad. “Am I? I can’t tell.” The doctor looks up from the pad, peering over the top of his reading glasses. “You’re not still hearing the voices, are you?” “They weren’t voices. Just thoughts. Bad thoughts.” “Well, you’re not hearing them anymore is the important part.” He […]

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Winter Song, Chapter 4

Loki The world through your eyes is full of pain and wonder, made even stranger by the whirlwind of voices shrieking for your attention: “The Mizar Quartet are Sol-type hydrogen-fusing dwarf stars–” “Isheimuri lingua confirmed as mix of Standard and Icelandic–” Some voices verge on making sense, but most babble gibberish. Each is accompanied by […]

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Angel of Death, Chapter 3

Two Burlington, Wisconsin had not had a murder in five years when the headless, handless body was discovered. Despite spitting sleet, the nighttime cornfield was crowded. Detective McHenry, Investigator Leland, Sergeant Banks, Medical Examiner Schmitt, the volunteer fire department, half the staff of the Gazette, a few dozen farmers, and a handful of police scanner […]

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Winter Song, Chapter 2

Two Bera Bera wanted to scream her grief at the night, but that would rouse the farmyard dogs. That would in turn wake the sleepers. She already felt so raw that she might as well have been scoured by sandpaper, and a public lecture from Hilda was more than she could face, so she clamped […]

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Angel of Death by J. Robert King

One Old man, old man – I see you with your lake-rights cottage and your knotty pine paneling, dark as walnut with cigar smoke. Even now, the blue haze tangles in your hair. You’ve burned your dining table all to hell – the table your wife bought to refinish four years back, though a heart […]

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