Story Bundle

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Howdy hey, folks-

Remember last month when we gave away Black Hawks for free? Said we had something big up our sleeves, right? Usually, we’re just talking a lot of smack. But not this time.

We’re very proud to announce that

Angry Ghosts has been selected for  Sci-Fi Saturday Night’s Story Bundle!


Sci-Fi Saturday Night is more than a podcast. It’s more than a blog. It’s a group of folks who live and breathe science fiction. These novels were specifically chosen by the Cast of Characters at SFSN, so it was no small honor to receive their invitation. That our very own typewriting chimp could have caught their collective eye, well… We’re as happy as a post-coital Mantis eating its mate’s head.


What the bleeding hell is Story Bundle?

Story Bundle is a way for people who love to read to discover quality indie books written by indie authors. You know how it’s always hard to find something good to read? StoryBundle hopes to solve that.

They take a handful of books—usually about five or so—and group them together to offer as a bundle.  Think of a friend that scours independent books for undiscovered gems, then puts a bunch together for you and says, “Hey, I think you’ll like these.”

These books have NO Digital Rights Management, no restrictions how you read and share them. And the best part? You decide how much you want to pay for them. Seriously.

$3 is the minimum price to get the basic bundle. But if you give $10, you get the whole shebang. There’s no filler here, folks. Ain’t a bad deal. It’s also a great cause, because unlike all those other greasy entertainment industries out there, you decide how much goes to the authors. Seriously.


So take a look. See what you think. And if you like it, please show it around a bit. Hard for us indies to get noticed, you know?

Ciao for now.