Oops is right…

Hi, Folks- It’s never fun to admit when mistakes are made, but it sure beats letting people think it was all intentional. Just days before publication, we made some last minute edits in Of Mortal Creatures. In doing so, we introduced someĀ glaring typos. Anyone who has purchased the digital copy, a revised update is forthcoming. […]

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Branching Out

Howdy, folks. Being a micro publisher means we can try a few things to maximize efficiency, experiment with them to see how they work. Another way of saying it is that our day jobs keep getting in the way, so we do as much as we can in the time we have. One distributor seemed […]

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There’s no getting around it. If you’re in publishing, you will eventually go to New York City. Nowhere else will you find such a concentration of publishing houses with such a diverse local readership. We had to go, not just out of practicality but also out of devotion: a Hajj for the literary faithful. Once […]

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