Winter Song, Chapter 2

Two Bera Bera wanted to scream her grief at the night, but that would rouse the farmyard dogs. That would in turn wake the sleepers. She already felt so raw that she might as well have been scoured by sandpaper, and a public lecture from Hilda was more than she could face, so she clamped […]

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Winter Song, by Colin Harvey

One Karl Karl was dreaming of his clone-wife on distant Avalon when the plasma bolt slammed into Ship’s engines. One moment he was bathing with Karla in iodized springs beneath Jodi’s Falls, soaping her up-tilted breasts in the warm sunlight of Delta Pavonis, the next a giant was sitting on his chest while alarms screeched […]

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First Draft of A.G. sequel finished

While still needing a title, the first sequel for Angry Ghosts has been penned. And yes, we mean penned, because Allen still writes things out longhand first. C.O.P.- “You have three computers, sometimes on simultaneously. Why do you still write longhand?” FAF- “I just like the feel of paper. And Pilot G2s. ” C.O.P.- “You’re only […]

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Breaking in…

Things are moving fast. Angry Ghosts is listed on Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. Print on Demand contracts executed for US and UK. The short run copies have arrived, are being autographed, and are going out to the first orders. Huge thanks to the early adopters and supporters! The website (, while functional, is in […]

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