Author’s update

Howdy from Burlington, NC! While temps in the upper 90s can be a tad oppressive, the thunderstorms have been worth it. Window rattling thunder, Emergency Alert System Warnings on the radio, golf ball hail, and end-of-the-world-style deluges…the magnificence of nature is well-demonstrated. Just don’t leave your car outside, if you can help it. Then again, […]

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The history of Cadre One

A few of our readers explained they had some difficulty accepting various aspects of the Cadre Soldiers’ lifestyle in Angry Ghosts. “How could the Cadre have forgotten Earth?” “Why are they so cold and militaristic?” “Why is emotion such a sin?” Excellent questions, and we’re glad you asked. To answer them, we’re posting a continuity […]

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A note on progress…

Here at Cadre One Publishing, we noticed our author has been, shall we say, a bit delinquent with his latest chapters. And now we know why. Evidently, Mr. Farnham has been busy writing manifestos out of some shack in the mid-west. Fear not, dear public, we caught up with him before any letterbombs could be […]

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New Review!

Alec Coquin, of Only the Best Sci-Fi, took Angry Ghosts in and gave his thoughtful comments. While recognizing some of the novel’s shortcomings, his treatment was more than generous: “Angry Ghosts is a short, workmanlike, and straightforward debut whose author has clearly given much thought to the richness of human existence. The deeply personal relationship […]

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Angel of Death, Chapter 5

Death comes in threes; everything comes in threes. It is the mathematics of God’s universe. When Keith McFarland killed the editor in Burlington, I knew two more would die there, two people somehow connected to the rum man. This occurs naturally enough – a heart attack, a suicide, or some other resonation of an individual […]

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Winter Song, Chapter 5

When she leaves you alone for a little while, you taste the straw that is your bedding. It’s almost inedible, but overwhelmed by hunger you force it down. When she returns and catches you, she scolds you. “I’ve bought you extra gruel,” she adds. “It’s all there is.” You get most of it in your […]

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Angel of Death, Chapter 4

Assuming after the third ring that the doorbell didn’t work, Investigator Leland knocked. She stood in the lee of a storm door held together by duct tape. The cool gray winds of a December 7th morning breezed past her. It had been standard police work. Lots of dead-end leads. Lots of waiting for someone to […]

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Winter Song, Chapter 3

Later, as Bera loaded up the vast tin bath with clothes and ran water from the hot tap into it, it struck her as odd that shape-shifters were always lumped into the same category as trolls and outlaws, snolfurs and other predators. But shape-shifters were so rare that no one – as far as she […]

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Angel of Death, Chapter 2

Young man, I see you. I see how you move among them, like one of them. Your battered old London Fog coat comes almost to your knees and sticks too far out as if you are some kind of flasher – the coat of a Goodwill shopper and a murdering madman. Keith McFarland. I know […]

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