It’s a New Year. So Now What?

Greetings from Austin, Dear Readers!

With Plasma Rain in print, we’ve brought conclusion to our ten-years-in-the-making series, Angry Ghosts; and we’re simply thrilled at the response. Page reads in the Kindle Lending Library are at an all time high. (We credit Marek Okon’s incredible talent on the cover for Plasma Rain, and maybe—just maybe—we got the pages between right)

Okay, the series is done. Now what?

Some might think we’d rest on our ample haunches, clinking tumblers, in celebration. Well, sure, there were more than a few Old Fashioneds poured, but Luxardo Cherries aren’t cheap. And ultimately, it really is about creation. Writers write. Publishers publish.

Beaning around in Farnham’s noggin is a supernatural/psychological thriller in the vein of Dean Koontz. It’ll be a standalone novel, not a series, and oh my is it daaaaarrrrrrrrk…

We also have a story that’s hard to classify. Kind of a “Bedtime Story for Adults,” if you will. We’ll put it out shortly.

There may be an anthology of short stories, as well, taken from the Vivid Dreams posts on this blog and projects elsewhere.

In the meantime, thank you for your support! It means everything to us. And, please, if you’ve read our books, would you leave a review? Reviews are crucial to building visibility online. Goodreads, Amazon, blog pages, chat rooms, anywhere you can, we’d be immensely grateful.



Progress Continues on Plasma Rain



Holidays. Ugh.

Now that we’re through the Made in China Consumer Miracle Season, we wanted to take a moment and assure our readers that progress yet continues on our series conclusion, Plasma Rain.

For those who are understandably skeptical, yes, this will be the conclusion. (Likely with 40-50 pages of appendices, but certainly the last in the series)

The journey may be more important than the destination. But when that journey approaches a full decade, it’s time to Wrap. It. Up. 

So while it may have seemed we’d gone dark, and our author absconded to North Dakota so DAPL could benefit from his extra special attention, we’ve been heads down, no distractions, flank speed on Plasma Rain. Cover concept is done. The full outline is done. Reams of handwritten notes have been sifted and compiled. The whole skeleton is done. Just need to put flesh on those lovely bones…

In the meantime, we can’t thank you enough for sticking by us all these years. We are literally nothing without you!



Slaving Away

chained-to-deskIt must’ve seemed like things have been pretty quiet here at COP the last few months. Quite the opposite!

Since January, we’ve been working with our friends at SciFi Saturday Night, polishing Farnham’s contribution to their recently funded anthology, My Peculiar Family. Work also continues at flank speed on the conclusion to the Angry Ghosts Series, Plasma Rain. A completed first draft by end of year may be optimistic, but that’s our target.

We can hear you thinking, “Yeah, right. I bet Farnham’s gonna George RR Martin this thing forever and never finish it.

Such thoughts occurred to us, as well, so we’ll say this: Slavery may have been abolished except for the convicted felon, and though Farnham has no criminal record, as such, he’s been convicted in our Star Chamber of keeping readers waiting too long. Hence, he’ll be chained to his MacBook for the remainder of this year and next.

Already, Plasma Rain is shaping up to be the best of the series. But please don’t tell Farnham we’re pleased with his work so far. He’s nicely bottled in a modern day Chateau D’if, and we hired a thug to thrash him awake whenever he nods off. In fact, it’s time we hid the bourbon and introduced him to the special joy of Fire Ants every time a deadline skates by unmet.

We do it all for you, dear readers! Artists should suffer for their craft. It certainly isn’t because we enjoy it. Not really.

To all, a wonderful Summer!


Not Dead, Just Resting

Kiddo rises from the grave

My Peculiar Family has returned to see the light of day once more!

For anyone who’s ever used Kickstarter, you know the first time is always a learning experience. And our mates at SciFi Saturday Night are back with a better, bolder project. More awards and a lower threshold mean this one is the ringer. Already 60% there with 33 days left.

On board are some bestselling authors you’ve heard of and some fresh talents you will be hearing about. If you like creepy tales from the late nineteenth century, give it a go. (We’ve seen the advance copy. It’s gooooood.)

Here are just some of the authors included in the anthology:

CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN and James A. Moore start off the anthology with their co-written Chyna Dale story. Christopher Golden is the New York Times #1 bestselling author of SNOWBLIND, TIN MEN, and DEAD RINGERS, among many others. With Mike Mignola, he co-created the cult favorite comics series BALTIMORE and JOE GOLEM: OCCULT DETECTIVE.

JAMES A. MOORE is the award winning author of over twenty novels, thrillers, dark fantasy and horror alike, including the critically acclaimed Fireworks, Under The Overtree, Blood Red, the Serenity Falls trilogy (featuring his recurring anti-hero, Jonathan Crowley) and his most recent novels, The Blasted Lands and City of Wonders, part of his Seven Forges series. In addition to writing multiple short stories, he has also edited, with Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon, the British Invasion anthology for Cemetery Dance Publications.

Tracy Hickman is a best-selling fantasy author who has written, or co-written dozens of novels. He is best known for his work as a writer on the Dragonlance novels. He is also known for authoring role playing games while working for TSR.

Progress on Plasma Rain

Bring me the axe

Dear Readers-

This is going to read like an apology to an abused lover. And right it should, since we at C.O.P. absolutely adore our readers. But like the jerk in any abusive relationship, we’ve been unkind. Two years it has been since our last release, and people have been rightfully asking,

“When is your next book coming out? …you just can’t leave it like this.”

We let Farnham field that one, which, in hindsight, could have been like letting Mommie Dearest handle the gardening. We’re lucky he was actually coherent that day.

In that response, Farnham said we had some soul searching to do, which is true. And we’ve decided that Plasma Rain is not ready. Yes, it’s novel length at 100,000 unedited words. But to sling a cover on it now, without a conclusion… Wouldn’t be right for anyone, least of all for our readers.

Our target is to have a fully proofed, finished work available before next December. If Farnham continues at his current rate, we might actually make it.

This will wrap it all, folks. We’re excited to get it to you. Can’t cheap out now, though. No short cuts. We owe you nothing less than our very best.

It should go without saying, however, that we will be whipping Farnham with wire coat hangers until he gets us a clean first draft. Want to help? Send us any that are cluttering your closet. They’ll go to good use.


Thanks for hanging in there, and we’ll keep you posted on progress!


We’re getting good at this…

What are we getting good at, you may ask? Scoring trips to ultra-decent places on someone else’s dime, that’s what. This time it was down to Clearwater, Florida for a mixture of business and pleasure.

The business part was mercifully brief, allowing us to appreciate the location and amenities.

Sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico were spectacular.

The pool/lagoon was pretty fantastic, too.

Ok, so instead of bragging about our trip,
(did we mention it was T&E all-inclusive?)

we give you, dear readers, an update on the months-overdue book from our notoriously inert author. An ending is in sight.

Those who have journeyed from Cadre One to this dark place have been through a savage and unrelenting hell. Confrontation with boundless cruelty, with morbid curiosity, with an absence of remorse has changed them deeply inside. Of those who come through, not all can be considered survivors.

Believe us, we’d love to share it with you. Ahem. If someone would hurry up and finish it…

We know the book is very late, and you’ve been so patient with us. We have to be careful about rushing, however. Quality really suffers. And we won’t print something we can’t be 100% proud of. Please know this is an absolute priority. We’ll keep Farnham chained to his MacBook until the manuscript is finished and ready.

Before we go, there’s one more part of the trip we have to share. This was the absolute pinnacle moment:

From the smile on Farnham’s face, you can clearly see he thinks a fan has recognized him and is taking a snap shot. In reality, this guy simply couldn’t believe anyone would be so daft as to lay in the sun, by the pool, wearing all-black.

Naturally, we had to preserve this moment for posterity, had to share it with the world. Should’ve seen Farnham’s face when we told him.

Farnham: Hey! You can’t see it but he’s wearing an Empire Strikes Back shirt! Frickin’ Millenium Falcon right on it! Definite Sci-Fi guy. I mean, come on! Totally fair assumption.

C.O.P: Except that it wasn’t. And you’re a dork.

Farnham: Keep it up. See if you get any pages this month.

C.O.P.: (recovers from painful laughing fit) Oh my, that would be different.

Farnham: (closes laptop) Fine. I’ll be in the bar. (leaves)

C.O.P: (snags passing employee) Hi, excuse me, do you you work here? You do? Good. Do you see that person in black over there? Yes, he keeps following us around, but he isn’t with us. I think he’s checked in under our name as well. Could you check to be sure we’re not billed for his expenses? And here’s a little something for your trouble. Thank you ever so much.

We live for these moments…



To the point…

“When one does not know what to say, it is time to be silent”

Yul Brynner delivered that line in the movie, The King and I. Being direct ourselves, we appreciate that sort of candor and find ourselves quite willing to give it, especially to all the little Napoleons in their giant gas pigs who would rather burn two thousand miles off their tires than let you merge into traffic ahead of them.


So while we’re feeling honest, let’s cut right to it. There will be a new book this year. Mr. Farnham recently posted that the new book was going to be much longer than the others, that it would take him as long as eighteen months to finish.

Yeah, right.

Keeping you waiting that long, dear readers, is a ludicrous stretch. And so we commit to a new novel before year end, if not sooner. We also commit to taking back editorial privilege over our author’s posts.

Will it be the last of the series? No.

Cadre 2 has maintained its secrets for over a thousand years and only grudgingly gives them up. It is a place of phenomenal advancement achieved in the absence of compassion or conscience. There is so much to tell. More to show.

Cramming everything into one book just to complete a trilogy would be foolish and wrong. The remaining story is simply too large to fit neatly within one final cover. So this will not be the last of the series.

The title? We’re running with Exhausted Dead for now, as the Homeric phrase applies on multiple levels. How, you may ask?

Heh. We may be in an honest mood, but we sure aren’t giving that away.

Keep the mail coming. Except for you spammers.


Ever forward.