Change of Scenery

As is necessary from time to time, things change. Change, unlike greed, is good. Cadre One Publishing has embraced this cosmic inevitability and found a home in New Hampshire. This state was often the scene of our escape from work retreats; the fresh air and greenery make it feel like we’ve put down permanent stakes […]

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Greetings from Las Vegas!

C.O.P. is mixing business with pleasure in the King of all Sin Cities. No, we’re not here to see Wayne Newton, retain legal sex workers, or get Rain-Man-rich overnight. We are here, however, to network and possibly get in a touch of R&R. All work and no play, you know… It’s hard not to get […]

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Local Author Extravaganza

December 26th, Allen Farnham will be attending the Local Author Extravaganza at the Shrewsbury, MA Borders Bookstore. The timing is perfect, because after you’re done returning all the Christmas tree embroidered sweaters and Paisley ties you got this year, you’ll have the chance to spend that fat wad of cash in your pocket on something […]

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Happy Frakkin’ Holidays

C.O.P.- “As for you, Farnham, let’s keep those chapters coming. We’re starting to feel a bit…Inquisitional.”

Farnham- “You don’t scare me. I worked retail…”

C.O.P.- “We all had a job in retail once…”

Farnham- “…for thirteen years.”

(Awkward silence broken by shuffling feet.)

C.O.P.- “We’ll sing Christmas Carols.”

(Air in office occults with tangible fear)

Farnham- “That’s wanton.”

(staring contest ensues)

C.O.P- “I played my drum for Him, pa rum pum pum pum…”

(Maniacal shrieks. A door slams. MacBook start up tone sounds, followed by clacks of key strokes)

And business resumes…

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Yo Mama

I saw yo mama walkin’ down the street kickin’ a can. I said, “Hey! Whatcha doin’?” She said, “Moving.” Yup. Cadre One Publishing is moving. We’re taking the biz down to North Carolina for a while. There will be no interruptions to order fulfillment, thanks to the miracles of modern technology. So why North Carolina? […]

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Living in Salem during Halloween

I can’t recall a Halloween so warm in Salem. Local papers estimated we’d have over a hundred thousand visitors. A conservative estimate, to be sure. Every year, the closed downtown streets are jam packed with the alter egos of regular folks, all soused on cheap booze. Cover bands blare their renditions over tinny loudspeakers, and […]

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