A Note on Downloading…



We’ve discussed Piracy at length here at Cadre One Publishing, and the discussions aren’t as one-sided as you’d think.

It always begins the same: we’ll see a sudden dip in our sales, and we know our books have been posted to (yet another) illegal download site. So we go find them and send out our DMCA notifications. Usually the links are taken down in a couple weeks. But every time it happens, its a dent in our income.

Mind you, none of us got into publishing to get rich. Who would these days, right? But we gotta eat once in a while. So the same question always comes up:

“What do we do about it?”

Piracy is the reality of an unregulated internet, and we have to face it. Some authors and publishers go out, legal guns blazing, with cease and desist orders, police reports, and computer/server seizures. That doesn’t really strike our fancy (unless the offenses are REALLY egregious). And it’s good to see the work is getting popular enough that others want to share it.

Thinking of it that way, we’re glad that people are getting into the story of Maiella, Argo, and Thompson. Yeah, we’d rather earn a living most days, but we’re still pleased the work is out there being enjoyed.

It doesn’t really matter where you got it. Amazon, B&N, or the Pirate Bay. What we ask is that if you’ve read our books, and you liked them, but haven’t paid for them, throw the author a buck or two via PayPal or Square Cash. It’s a little thing, but it really helps.

PayPal: fafarnham@gmail.com

Square Cash: Cash.me/$FAFARNHAM

Plus, we don’t want Farnham to give up and abandon the last book. Because when tip jars at open mic nights start to become a more reliable form of income, you know it’s pretty bleak.

Can’t do this without your support!



Branching Out

Day Job

Howdy, folks.

Being a micro publisher means we can try a few things to maximize efficiency, experiment with them to see how they work. Another way of saying it is that our day jobs keep getting in the way, so we do as much as we can in the time we have.

One distributor seemed to offer our biggest bang for the buck: Kindle Direct. Biggest market, national distribution, easy set up, nice automation, and strong returns for exclusivity. But recent events are a tad concerning.

Why should Amazon have any say whatsoever in what a publisher charges for their books?

We have no affiliation with Hachette. And to be frank, we do think their ebook prices are high. But who are we to say? If that’s what the market will bear, then let them charge what they like. There just isn’t any sense in Amazon trying to strong arm a publisher into a pricing model.

So we’re branching out. Something we should have done ages ago, in fact. As of today, all three books from Cadre One Publishing are available for download from Barnes & Noble Nook Books:

Angry Ghosts

Black Hawks From a Blue Sun

The Exhausted Dead

Next stop will be iBooks. Would be there already if Mavericks OS would run on our old Black MacBook. We’ll let you know soon as they’re up and available.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, work continues on Plasma Rain. We know this one’s been a long time coming. Bringing the series to conclusion will take many pages, and we want to make sure it never turns preachy, never drags. Hang in there, folks. We’ll make certain it’s worth it.

In the meantime, keep that hate mail coming! We use it to keep the fire going under Farnham’s feet.



Happy Birthday, US of A

freedom tower

While we at C.O.P. would like to say have a fun and safe July 4th, we know you’ll most likely be draining kegs, chowing down, and blowing things up. So instead, we say,

Throw your car keys into the woods, remember how short the fuses are, and don’t look down the mortar tube to see if the shell is lit (because it is).

While that should prevent the majority of bodily harm, you can benefit from our collective wisdom to avoid extreme embarrassment and have an enjoyable Independence Day celebration:

  • You might think hanging your bare ass out of a moving vehicle is a good idea…until they catch up to you at the stop light (right, Farnham?).

Almost getting away with it

  • Drunk dialing your congressman is exactly as much fun as you think it will be.
  • drunk-dial-congress-phone-field-625x625

  • Nakedness is generally frowned upon, but will be tolerated in direct proportion to your hotness.


  • Don’t barf at a guest’s house. Not ever.

(photo deleted to protect the horribly, horribly guilty)

  • Tub sleeping will result in a photo that reaches your boss. It’s a kind of magic.

Classy, Farnham. Real classy.

  • PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. Unless you’re expecting an emergency call, you should probably just turn it off. You know what we’re talking about.


  • Lastly, never pass out where slow moving wild things can take their time with you.


Also, a quick reminder: today is the last day to get your free Kindle copy of Angry Ghosts!
(Thank you, Deutschland, for making us #1 in Englischsprachige SF ABENTEUER!)


Soccer Doesn’t Have to Suck So Hard


I played soccer when I was younger. Always a fullback, which was ok with me. Defense is righteous. (You’re gonna score on my team? Not with busted shins, you’re not) But the game was boring. Often scoreless. 90 Minutes of my life that was totally fruitless. Sure, I’d have a bit of an all right time getting the ball back to the other side of the field, and then it was just tedium. I’d be standing near the mid-field line watching our forwards and halfbacks perpetually stymied. The ball would get knocked out of bounds over and over. There was an occasional shot on goal, deflected or caught. Man, as bad as it was to play, it was even worse to watch. Total frustration without catharsis.

I’ve been down this road before. But it took close friends (and a couple six-packs) to really drill down on what makes this game suck so hard:


Far from being a creative quirk, this is just the dumbest idea in sporting history. What other sports out there would be as interesting without the use of hands? For example…

No hands boxing

Motorcycle racing
No hands biking


Pole Vaulting
Polevault no hands
Also bad pole vaulting

You get the point. But I haven’t even drilled down to the number one, worst part about soccer: the Drama Queens.



Awful dive

Another awful dive

If they would just man up and carry Wolverine knives and Pole axes, it’d be a decent game. Would definitely temper the riot-potential of disgruntled fans.

Since that’ll never happen, we’re offering a satisfying alternative to brooding over “That Ludicrous Display Last Night“, and we’re putting Angry Ghosts up for free download, permanently. Interested readers will find an Easter Egg on the Cadre One Publishing site that links to the full book pdf.
(Need we mention the book is still copywritten? Please, no reselling or plagiarism, but you can download and share as much as you like.)

We’re also making Angry Ghosts for Kindle free for the next five days, starting June 30th and running through July 4th.

From all of us at Cadre One Publishing, have a safe and riot-free Independence Day!


Story Bundle

Twilight Love story

Howdy hey, folks-

Remember last month when we gave away Black Hawks for free? Said we had something big up our sleeves, right? Usually, we’re just talking a lot of smack. But not this time.

We’re very proud to announce that

Angry Ghosts has been selected for  Sci-Fi Saturday Night’s Story Bundle!


Sci-Fi Saturday Night is more than a podcast. It’s more than a blog. It’s a group of folks who live and breathe science fiction. These novels were specifically chosen by the Cast of Characters at SFSN, so it was no small honor to receive their invitation. That our very own typewriting chimp could have caught their collective eye, well… We’re as happy as a post-coital Mantis eating its mate’s head.


What the bleeding hell is Story Bundle?

Story Bundle is a way for people who love to read to discover quality indie books written by indie authors. You know how it’s always hard to find something good to read? StoryBundle hopes to solve that.

They take a handful of books—usually about five or so—and group them together to offer as a bundle.  Think of a friend that scours independent books for undiscovered gems, then puts a bunch together for you and says, “Hey, I think you’ll like these.”

These books have NO Digital Rights Management, no restrictions how you read and share them. And the best part? You decide how much you want to pay for them. Seriously.

$3 is the minimum price to get the basic bundle. But if you give $10, you get the whole shebang. There’s no filler here, folks. Ain’t a bad deal. It’s also a great cause, because unlike all those other greasy entertainment industries out there, you decide how much goes to the authors. Seriously.


So take a look. See what you think. And if you like it, please show it around a bit. Hard for us indies to get noticed, you know?

Ciao for now.


Here’s something you don’t see everyday…

What’s that? An express line through airport security? A Hindu eating beef? A Wall Street financier going to prison?


For the first time ever, we’re putting Black Hawks From a Blue Sun up for free worldwide download on Amazon Kindle from December 13th through 17th.


Wait, what? Why give away the second book in the series?

Well, for starters, we know a lot of you will be facing the holidays in a fit of full consciousness. Youngsters running about means those punchbowls of eggnog and wassail will be as innocent as a nun at confession. We at C.O.P. are sympathetic to this drought and, thus, we provide an escape to ease the pain of undimmed contact with all your “quasi-relations.”

Also, because we’re planning something big for Angry Ghosts in January. A big step into a larger world. We’ll keep you posted.

So take advantage of us while we’re feeling generous. Because the moment Farnham gets a royalty check he can actually live on, we just know he’ll become absolutely intolerable.

Happy Winter Holidays from everyone at Cadre One Publishing!

Happy Winter

Angry Ghosts, an eBook at last

Four years have passed since our first release. Seems like forever ago. And in that time, there’s one question we’ve heard repeatedly:

“For frigg’s sake, why don’t you guys put Angry Ghosts out on eBook?”

Our answer was always,

“We did! We licensed it to Eirelander Publishing under the title, Wraiths of Earth.”

Eirelander is a great little press. Really is. There’s a lot of industry experience there, and we at C.O.P. were glad to have a knowledgeable partner for our first release. But Wraiths didn’t thrive there, which is too bad, because Lee Morris and Pierre Roustan did a lot of work cutting, shaping, and cleaning what was admittedly a very rough manuscript.

In life you try different things. Some work, some don’t. So to Lee and Pierre: thank you both. Your efforts made Wraiths a significant improvement over our first printing of Angry Ghosts.

Now that electronic rights are back in-house, we’re plugging that gaping hole in our line up. After giving it one final round of polishing, we are overjoyed to announce that Angry Ghosts is finally available as an eBook. To celebrate, we’re giving it away for free over the next five days. For anyone who read the first printing, come back and check out the revised cut. It’s worth it.

What’s that you say? That’s not the only hole in the line up? Funny you should mention it…

We’ve got Farnham lashed to his MacBook again. Work begins on the final installment of the series, working title, PLASMA RAIN.

plasma rain

Oh and should we mention? There’s another book beaning around in that gin-addled brain of his: something dark and awful about the desperation of winter starvation. No idea where he came up with that. Or…

Wait, didn’t we leave him locked in the office for Christmas break last year?

We did?

Eh, he’ll be all right.