Plasma Rain First Draft Complete

Shocked and stunned. Mired in disbelief. That’s what we are.

Also, elated. Why? Because after three years we have in our hands a complete first draft of Plasma Rain. Tipping the scales at 189,872 words, this conclusion to the Angry Ghosts series will take much editing before we wrap a cover and ship first editions. Rest assured, dear readers, we are all over it and have December 2018 as a soft target for release.

For today, it’s party hats and frosty mugs as we celebrate this long awaited milestone.

Thanks to all for your patience! Check back for updates as we tighten up a denouement worthy of the wait.


P.S.- Here’s a shot of *notes* that went into the full series. Over a thousand pages, handwritten. (Prehistoric MacBook included for scale)

Reports of our Disappearance are Greatly Exaggerated

In the absence of regular updates, a fair assumption is made: we must have given up on this whole publishing thing, knuckled under to the strong arm tactics of digital gatekeepers, and abandoned our beloved readers, leaving them hanging like a prom date on the doorstep.


To be blunt, we’re just not smart enough to choose the easy way out. We’re too addicted to completion, too pigheaded to give up. And we really, really love torturing our author for pages. Seriously, we almost define our existence in his ritual flogging. But before you start typing a report to Amnesty International, you should know he totally deserves it.

More important than any of this, of course, is that real progress has been made. Sixty-seven chapters in, there are a handful more before the first draft of Plasma Rain is complete. So many threads beg for resolution we can’t rush or fudge our way through. No shortcuts. That said, we’re approaching ten years since Angry Ghosts, and, looking back at that span of time, we’re amazed readers are still with us. In plainest sincerity, we are blessed beyond measure that you are still with us. We owe you denouement worthy of the wait.

Meanwhile, we’re always looking for means of motivation to spur our abeyant author. Send us your most diabolical, inimical ideas. In return, we’ll reward you with images of your ideas implemented and a completed novel by year’s end.

Yours truly,



Progress Continues on Plasma Rain



Holidays. Ugh.

Now that we’re through the Made in China Consumer Miracle Season, we wanted to take a moment and assure our readers that progress yet continues on our series conclusion, Plasma Rain.

For those who are understandably skeptical, yes, this will be the conclusion. (Likely with 40-50 pages of appendices, but certainly the last in the series)

The journey may be more important than the destination. But when that journey approaches a full decade, it’s time to Wrap. It. Up. 

So while it may have seemed we’d gone dark, and our author absconded to North Dakota so DAPL could benefit from his extra special attention, we’ve been heads down, no distractions, flank speed on Plasma Rain. Cover concept is done. The full outline is done. Reams of handwritten notes have been sifted and compiled. The whole skeleton is done. Just need to put flesh on those lovely bones…

In the meantime, we can’t thank you enough for sticking by us all these years. We are literally nothing without you!



Slaving Away

chained-to-deskIt must’ve seemed like things have been pretty quiet here at COP the last few months. Quite the opposite!

Since January, we’ve been working with our friends at SciFi Saturday Night, polishing Farnham’s contribution to their recently funded anthology, My Peculiar Family. Work also continues at flank speed on the conclusion to the Angry Ghosts Series, Plasma Rain. A completed first draft by end of year may be optimistic, but that’s our target.

We can hear you thinking, “Yeah, right. I bet Farnham’s gonna George RR Martin this thing forever and never finish it.

Such thoughts occurred to us, as well, so we’ll say this: Slavery may have been abolished except for the convicted felon, and though Farnham has no criminal record, as such, he’s been convicted in our Star Chamber of keeping readers waiting too long. Hence, he’ll be chained to his MacBook for the remainder of this year and next.

Already, Plasma Rain is shaping up to be the best of the series. But please don’t tell Farnham we’re pleased with his work so far. He’s nicely bottled in a modern day Chateau D’if, and we hired a thug to thrash him awake whenever he nods off. In fact, it’s time we hid the bourbon and introduced him to the special joy of Fire Ants every time a deadline skates by unmet.

We do it all for you, dear readers! Artists should suffer for their craft. It certainly isn’t because we enjoy it. Not really.

To all, a wonderful Summer!


Cover Art for Book 4, Of Mortal Creatures

It must’ve seemed it would never happen. It has been an awfully long wait. That, and the fact our U.K. web host is suddenly riddled with malware, and everyone who tries to log on to our site gets the sternest warnings from their web browser…

Google Chrome: You want to go to this site? Really? Are you sure you want to go to this site? It’s totally unsafe. Like swimming with a necklace of pork chops in Tasmania unsafe. You’re serious? You’re actually going to go to this site? All right. Fine. We can’t stop you. Oh, and why not post your Social Security Number and bank account numbers while you’re at it? It’s your loss, pal. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We’ve got some challenges.

But here’s some proof we’re still very much in business:

9780982711651-Perfect OMC

We at C.O.P. are still pushing for a late December release for paperback, possibly earlier for Kindle.

And we know what you’re saying: “It’s been three years. This better be worth it.”

No worries, folks. It is.

May you all have an excellent Thanksgiving!


Artwork for the Colony ship, Europa

Europa screen grab

From the earliest days of sailing, life at sea was a risk. Skill and stout planks were no guarantee of survival. A man had to love his ship. He had to care for her, had to fuss over every detail so she could weather the harshest storms. If a man did not love his ship, if he didn’t pay attention to the creaks and sighs that warned of trouble, she might sink him.

Ships of old had figureheads—a tangible representation of the ship’s beauty, of her soul. Progress of technology, war, and commerce may have stripped away such non-essentials in the name of economic pragmatism. But the best ships have always been loved by their crews. And that love shows not only in the gleam of her decks. Sometimes, it shows in artwork that graces her hull.

The Colony ship Europa has been traveling for centuries. She is muted by burns and dust, is dented from minor collisions. The hull is patched with unpainted plates.  Yet beneath it all the mural on her side is still visible, bright and alive like the spirits of the people inside.

We discussed artwork that might adorn such a ship. We considered the myth of Europa and the bull…how the maiden was deathly afraid, but that she was so in love, she simply could not stop herself from climbing atop the bull and letting him carry her away to a distant shore.

“The royal maiden, not knowing on whom she was sitting, was even so bold as
also to climb on the back of the bull. As the god very slowly
inched from the shore and the dry land he planted his spurious footprints
deep in the shallows. Thus swimming out farther, he carried his prey off
into the midst of the sea. Almost fainting with terror she glanced back,   
as she was carried away, at the shore left behind. As she gripped one   
horn in her right hand while clutching the back of the beast with the other,   
meanwhile her fluttering draperies billowed behind on the sea breeze.”


It’s a romantic metaphor for space flight, we think.

Sara Richard captured the mood precisely, and when we saw the final draft we knew we had found the Europa’s soul. We’re proud to share it with you here:

europa and bull transparent fix

Look for more of this on the cover of our upcoming release, Of Mortal Creatures.

Thank you all for your patience, and thank you again, Sara, for such beautiful work!



Of Mortal Creatures

Dear Readers-

To those stalwart few  holding out for the continuing adventures of Thompson, Argo, and Maiella, take heart! We’re close to releasing Book #4 in the Angry Ghosts series, and we’re calling it, Of Mortal Creatures.

Those with a sharp eye already know the inspiration for this title.

“Of mortal creatures, all that breathe and move,
Earth bears none frailer than mankind. What man
believes in woe to come, so long as valor
and tough knees are supplied him by the gods?
But when the gods in bliss bring miseries on,
then willy-nilly, blindly, he endures.”

-The Odyssey, by Homer, Book XVIII
Translated by Robert Fitzgerald

The Gods in Bliss came in a very close second, though in the end we agreed such a title was a tad too obscure. Your thoughts? Would be glad to hear them in comments below.

Farnham’s final draft is deep in the editorial process as we speak. Coming together nicely. We anticipate a release this year, in fact. Might be December 31st at 11:59pm but still this year. Provided Farnham gets all his revisions back in a timely fashion it could be sooner. Of course, we’re not holding our collective breath…

(While we’re speaking of our own indolent scribbler, we’d like to congratulate him on his recent marriage! His new bride is a rare beauty, way out of his league. How he managed to pull that off without voodoo charms or killing off every other male on the planet is a complete mystery.)

Cover art is coming from Sara Richard, a remarkable talent with a brilliant future. We’ve been a fan of her work for years, and we’re excited to have her working on the project. Soon as the final draft is in, we’ll share it here.

 In the meantime, check out her page. It’s worth the trip!


Warmest regards,