That something…

We’ve all got that something. It’s the reason we hesitate to introduce ourselves, the first thing we think about when we undress with someone new, that idiosyncrasy, that flaw we’ve been taught to believe is the whole reason we’re so shy and ill at ease around others. It’s been hammered into us that we’re physical or […]

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A Familiar Beauty

You’ve never met before, and it takes you a while to realize it. Uncommon. Remarkable. Familiar. Warmth and a genuine smile. Simple grace that’d be wasted on film or TV—subtlety no camera could capture. Polite questions at first then she digs a little deeper. Deep enough to tell you she’s interested. Not in your job, your […]

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Vivid Dreams VI

  November 1, 2015 A dream after the end of the anthropocene. Civilization has collapsed and mankind lives like rats in the bones of cities. I find myself in a stone castle, a vanity fortress built by an obscenely rich man. His bones lie unburied and scattered in the yard. Did I kill him? No. […]

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New and Improved

Some may think we’re not listening, or that we’re immune to recommendations, but it’s not so. If anything, we’re a friendly, accommodating lot and we like to make people happy. That’s when we remind our readers they must be thinking of our indolent author. Nothing gets through that hard head of his. And lately, nothing […]

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Black Watch

You can see it in my eyes, mostly. And in the red rims around my eyes. In the coffee blackened orbits and the sun-starved lids. Pulled another Black Watch. Fuck. Been a long week so far, and not a wink to be had. Head nods, and when I jerk myself awake my trigger finger flexes. […]

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Vivid Dreams

I’ve threatened to do this for a while now…talked about making my journal public (for the Hoot that it is). But before I do, you should know the main reason I keep a journal is to record dreams. For as long as I can recall my dreams have been vivid. All the senses are present, […]

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Author’s Update

Sooooooo, here’s something familiar: Yes, I’m behind on my deadline. No the book won’t be finished by June, and the forecasted December release may be optimistic. Probably not a surprise. Excuses? None. The foundation of an author’s life is his work. That follows surely as night the day. Usually, that work is the writing, combined […]

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Author’s update

Howdy from Burlington, NC! While temps in the upper 90s can be a tad oppressive, the thunderstorms have been worth it. Window rattling thunder, Emergency Alert System Warnings on the radio, golf ball hail, and end-of-the-world-style deluges…the magnificence of nature is well-demonstrated. Just don’t leave your car outside, if you can help it. Then again, […]

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The history of Cadre One

A few of our readers explained they had some difficulty accepting various aspects of the Cadre Soldiers’ lifestyle in Angry Ghosts. “How could the Cadre have forgotten Earth?” “Why are they so cold and militaristic?” “Why is emotion such a sin?” Excellent questions, and we’re glad you asked. To answer them, we’re posting a continuity […]

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