A Note on Downloading…



We’ve discussed Piracy at length here at Cadre One Publishing, and the discussions aren’t as one-sided as you’d think.

It always begins the same: we’ll see a sudden dip in our sales, and we know our books have been posted to (yet another) illegal download site. So we go find them and send out our DMCA notifications. Usually the links are taken down in a couple weeks. But every time it happens, its a dent in our income.

Mind you, none of us got into publishing to get rich. Who would these days, right? But we gotta eat once in a while. So the same question always comes up:

“What do we do about it?”

Piracy is the reality of an unregulated internet, and we have to face it. Some authors and publishers go out, legal guns blazing, with cease and desist orders, police reports, and computer/server seizures. That doesn’t really strike our fancy (unless the offenses are REALLY egregious). And it’s good to see the work is getting popular enough that others want to share it.

Thinking of it that way, we’re glad that people are getting into the story of Maiella, Argo, and Thompson. Yeah, we’d rather earn a living most days, but we’re still pleased the work is out there being enjoyed.

It doesn’t really matter where you got it. Amazon, B&N, or the Pirate Bay. What we ask is that if you’ve read our books, and you liked them, but haven’t paid for them, throw the author a buck or two via PayPal or Square Cash. It’s a little thing, but it really helps.

PayPal: fafarnham@gmail.com

Square Cash: Cash.me/$FAFARNHAM

Plus, we don’t want Farnham to give up and abandon the last book. Because when tip jars at open mic nights start to become a more reliable form of income, you know it’s pretty bleak.

Can’t do this without your support!



Accepting Autumn

Beaver Pond NH

We love Autumn. Fall brings the colors that draw us out for woodland hikes. The air is crisp, dry, and cool. Bugs aren’t trying to bash their way through our eyes, nose, and ears. The smell of a modest campfire…just heaven.

The long cold quickly thereafter can bring the blues, however. So we at C.O.P. are sharing a bit of warmth for the cooler days ahead.

From October 2nd through October 6th, Angry Ghosts will be free for worldwide download. We’re also reducing the regular sale price of Angry Ghosts to $0.99 and $4.99 for The Exhausted Dead.

As always, we love your reviews. So if you’ve taken a peek, please leave a comment on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or anywhere you feel like it.

Special thanks to all who have supported us over the years! And please know that Farnham is still slugging away at Plasma Rain. There’s a lot to rein in. Will be a lot of work ahead, but we hope to see a digital release by about this time next year.

Believe us, we know that three years is a long time. We could have committed manslaughter and gotten out on parole in three years. We remind Farnham of this daily.

Hang in there folks, it will be soooooooo worth it.


Branching Out

Day Job

Howdy, folks.

Being a micro publisher means we can try a few things to maximize efficiency, experiment with them to see how they work. Another way of saying it is that our day jobs keep getting in the way, so we do as much as we can in the time we have.

One distributor seemed to offer our biggest bang for the buck: Kindle Direct. Biggest market, national distribution, easy set up, nice automation, and strong returns for exclusivity. But recent events are a tad concerning.

Why should Amazon have any say whatsoever in what a publisher charges for their books?

We have no affiliation with Hachette. And to be frank, we do think their ebook prices are high. But who are we to say? If that’s what the market will bear, then let them charge what they like. There just isn’t any sense in Amazon trying to strong arm a publisher into a pricing model.

So we’re branching out. Something we should have done ages ago, in fact. As of today, all three books from Cadre One Publishing are available for download from Barnes & Noble Nook Books:

Angry Ghosts

Black Hawks From a Blue Sun

The Exhausted Dead

Next stop will be iBooks. Would be there already if Mavericks OS would run on our old Black MacBook. We’ll let you know soon as they’re up and available.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, work continues on Plasma Rain. We know this one’s been a long time coming. Bringing the series to conclusion will take many pages, and we want to make sure it never turns preachy, never drags. Hang in there, folks. We’ll make certain it’s worth it.

In the meantime, keep that hate mail coming! We use it to keep the fire going under Farnham’s feet.





You know it when you see it. And if you could see us now, you’d see an assemblage of gin-soaked nerds more proud than Bill Gates on his first date. We simply could not be any more pleased to announce that our new book, The Exhausted Dead, is finally available in print and eBook.

Took us a long time getting here (for which we’ve frequently hazed our author) but now at Journey’s End we can sit back, relax, and share with you what we’ve been building, cutting, and shaping over the last two and a half years:

Exhausted Dead Cover

For a Cadre Operator, there is no retirement but death.

Thompson, Argo, and Beckert limp back to Cadre One in a stolen transport. The reconnaissance mission to occupied Earth has left them broken, barely alive. But the truths they discovered beneath the rotted concrete of Washington, D.C. cut deeper than Blueskin knives…

In the terabytes of raw data from Earth, Cadre Techs find evidence of another covert research station called, ‘Cadre Two.’ If it exists, could it have escaped the genocide like Cadre One? Could there be survivors?

Cadre Operators quietly don their gear and prepare for rotation. Beneath their stoic exteriors, they know Cadre Two could be a burned out shell. Or, it could be a trove of lost technologies, possibly a refuge should the ancient machinery at Cadre One fail…

…if the saffron-eyed alien hasn’t found it first.

We’re trying out Kindle Direct, so pop over to Amazon for eBook. You can also get yourself a print copy, while you’re there.

For anyone who’d like a signed copy, First Editions purchased direct from us at COP will have Farnham’s chicken scratch on the first pages. Let him know for whom he is signing. If he’s too hungover, we’ll prop him up, jam a pen in his hand, and tell him he’s late for his college finals again. Be prepared for a list of likely economic spin-offs from Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative or a rambling treatise on Big Oil and Agribusiness in South America.

So we’re hoisting our glasses in celebration, toasting another cycle completed. If you’re local, come on by. More the merrier.

And speaking of merry…May Santa bring you all something good this year.


Ever forward.


All Hallowed Eve

Happy Halloween from all of us at C.O.P.!

Got some good news for a change. In about two weeks, we’ll be receiving inventory of The Exhausted Dead. We’ll also have e-Book available about the same time.

We know you’ve been waiting a long time for this one. Expectations are high and rightly so. Farnham delivered.

No doubt he thinks that will get him off the hook… Eh, no.

Now that we have everything we need out of him, it’s time to settle the score. One of you came up with a beauty of an idea: a ball-slugging machine that could be either cranked or attached to a motorcycle engine. We really wanted to…But mechanical ineptitude precluded such a magnificent device from materializing. Not to fear!

Sometimes the best things in life are the most simple.

Ah, yes. A sanguine sacrifice for All Hallowed Eve. What could be more fitting?

Well, we’re dragging our sloth-like author out to celebrate. To our friends in Salem, watch out for the crazies.

Ever forward,


A Note on Progress…

At C.O.P., we know better than to give you, dear readers, a timeline. It’s been more than two years since our last release, thanks to our eccentric, unhinged, and ever-so-delinquent author. We’ve attempted to bring him to heel through various forms of incentive, persuasion, and torture; yet his disparate personalities remain slippery and elusive–a herd of cats, all his own.

What we offer instead is a note on what we’ve accomplished so far:

Final round of edits are done, errata is done, and the manuscript has been delivered to our copyeditor, Cameron Chapman. A fulltime writer, blogger, and web designer, Ms. Chapman has contributed her expertise on social media and internet topics to some of the most popular blogs in the world (mashable.com, smashingmagazine.com, tutsplus.com).

Original artwork is coming from Bill Walko. You can see one of the book block interior graphics below.

We asked Bill to pen a Raccoon scientist mascot, the kind of thing you might see in a Junior High School chemistry lab safety poster. Something that would lighten the heart of anyone who looked at it. As you can see, he delivered perfectly. It’s friendly, inviting, and non-threatening–a disarming idiosyncrasy amid the unrestrained experimentation at Cadre Two.

So when will you see a new release? Well…

Rest assured, it’s out of our author’s hands at this point. That means there won’t be any more delays of the kind you’ve repeatedly endured. Production is moving quickly now, and we want to give you a hard date, but… Things are going so nicely… We don’t want to jinx it just yet.

In the meantime, keep sending that hate mail. We use one letter to paper cut Farnham for every day past his deadline. There’s still a deficit.

Before we go…

From ALL of us at Cadre One Publishing, hats off to Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, Mars Science Lab, Cal Tech, and all the sub-cons who made the Curiosity landing come off so smoothly. After the shut down of the Shuttle program, we were getting kind of mopey around the office. Sure is nice to have pride again in something American made. Bravo, Ladies and Gents! You done real good.

Now that is a Touchdown…


Ever forward.


Check your wallets, folks

Ever go to a public event and it’s so surprisingly good, you’re sure it’s only a distraction so you won’t notice your money clip just got lifted?

Yeah, it’s kinda like that. Our inert, dawdling, obstinate author finally completed his third work, and we’re so dumbfounded we’re patting our backsides to make sure we haven’t been pilfered.

And only six months behind deadline… It’s like Amelia Earhart just landed at Logan Jetport and said, “Oh, hi, fellas. Did I keep you?”

Oh, Hi Fellas! Did you miss me?

So what now?

We at C.O.P. have to brush off the cobwebs then get rolling with edits, artwork, layout, and printing so we can get this beast into your hands, dear readers.

Not for nothing, we’re excited to share this one, even more so than the others. And please, forgive us for the delay. We understand painfully what it means to be kept waiting. Unlike some…

As for our author, that delinquent philistine, we think it only fair you devise some wretched torture to serve penance. Email us your dastardly suggestions. The most diabolical wins. With photographic evidence upon completion.

See, Farnham? There’s always a premium for tardiness.

Ever forward.