Why are we fighting so hard?

Everything seems like a fight these days; cooperation is lost in divisive issues of our time. Most conflicts have to do with scarcity, but that isn’t always the case. And when it comes to energy, is scarcity really the issue? Economists are fond of saying we will never run out of oil. You can point […]

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Happy Birthday, US of A

While we at C.O.P. would like to say have a fun and safe July 4th, we know you’ll most likely be draining kegs, chowing down, and blowing things up. So instead, we say, Throw your car keys into the woods, remember how short the fuses are, and don’t look down the mortar tube to see […]

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Selling your life for money

Every once in a while a thought just strikes me as odd. And this time I got thinking about sex work and why it’s illegal. Selling yourself for money. Well, isn’t that what we all do? Separate the moralizing and lessons hammered into us since Sunday School. Trading your skills, abilities, intellect, and time for […]

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SuperDeth XLVI

I bet you’re thinking, “Here comes a preachy message about violence.” Oh, yeah. You know it. If one were to distill the essence of American culture to a single euphemism, the SuperBowl would capture it nicely. Commerce and vanity hurtling toward one another like cruise missiles and detonating in an ocean of beer. Extremely physical […]

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There’s no getting around it. If you’re in publishing, you will eventually go to New York City. Nowhere else will you find such a concentration of publishing houses with such a diverse local readership. We had to go, not just out of practicality but also out of devotion: a Hajj for the literary faithful. Once […]

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Sanity is overrated.

How many of you have ever lost your mind? No. I mean lost your freakin’ mind and done something truly crazy. Inexplicable. Indefensible. Prosecutable… Yeah, there are a few of you. But would you admit it? What’s at stake if you do? Friends? Work? Status? It’s an odd time, isn’t it? We’re all hunkered down, […]

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The End of Something

So I’m driving to work, as usual, remarking to myself how goddamned many of us there are, as usual, and NPR starts in about the Shuttle landing. My first thought was, “Whew, they made it”, but the next was, “Oh, shit. That’s it.” When I heard the shuttle Commander, Chris Ferguson, speaking about it being […]

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