Angry Ghosts, an eBook at last

Four years have passed since our first release. Seems like forever ago. And in that time, there’s one question we’ve heard repeatedly: “For frigg’s sake, why don’t you guys put Angry Ghosts out on eBook?” Our answer was always, “We did! We licensed it to Eirelander Publishing under the title, Wraiths of Earth.” Eirelander is […]

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I heard on the radio that Martin Luther King, Jr. was 39 years old when he was killed. Always seemed to me that he was older. Maybe because it’s taken me so long to get my own life sorted out that I couldn’t imagine having accomplished so much before the age of 50. That one […]

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All Hallowed Eve

Happy Halloween from all of us at C.O.P.! Got some good news for a change. In about two weeks, we’ll be receiving inventory of The Exhausted Dead. We’ll also have e-Book available about the same time. We know you’ve been waiting a long time for this one. Expectations are high and rightly so. Farnham delivered. […]

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A Note on Progress…

At C.O.P., we know better than to give you, dear readers, a timeline. It’s been more than two years since our last release, thanks to our eccentric, unhinged, and ever-so-delinquent author. We’ve attempted to bring him to heel through various forms of incentive, persuasion, and torture; yet his disparate personalities remain slippery and elusive–a herd […]

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Check your wallets, folks

Ever go to a public event and it’s so surprisingly good, you’re sure it’s only a distraction so you won’t notice your money clip just got lifted? Yeah, it’s kinda like that. Our inert, dawdling, obstinate author finally completed his third work, and we’re so dumbfounded we’re patting our backsides to make sure we haven’t […]

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SuperDeth XLVI

I bet you’re thinking, “Here comes a preachy message about violence.” Oh, yeah. You know it. If one were to distill the essence of American culture to a single euphemism, the SuperBowl would capture it nicely. Commerce and vanity hurtling toward one another like cruise missiles and detonating in an ocean of beer. Extremely physical […]

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We’re getting good at this…

What are we getting good at, you may ask? Scoring trips to ultra-decent places on someone else’s dime, that’s what. This time it was down to Clearwater, Florida for a mixture of business and pleasure. The business part was mercifully brief, allowing us to appreciate the location and amenities. Sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico […]

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