It’s a New Year. So Now What?

Greetings from Austin, Dear Readers! With Plasma Rain in print, we’ve brought conclusion to our ten-years-in-the-making series, Angry Ghosts; and we’re simply thrilled at the response. Page reads in the Kindle Lending Library are at an all time high. (We credit Marek Okon’s incredible talent on the cover for Plasma Rain, and maybe—just maybe—we got the […]

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A Matter of Policy?

It has been Cadre One Publishing’s policy not to become involved in political matters. There is no joy, or sense, for a publisher of fiction to be concerned with anyone’s political views or opinions. What the Standing Rock Sioux are enduring, however, is not a matter of politics. It is a matter of those with […]

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New and Improved

Some may think we’re not listening, or that we’re immune to recommendations, but it’s not so. If anything, we’re a friendly, accommodating lot and we like to make people happy. That’s when we remind our readers they must be thinking of our indolent author. Nothing gets through that hard head of his. And lately, nothing […]

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Branching Out

Howdy, folks. Being a micro publisher means we can try a few things to maximize efficiency, experiment with them to see how they work. Another way of saying it is that our day jobs keep getting in the way, so we do as much as we can in the time we have. One distributor seemed […]

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Vivid Dreams

I’ve threatened to do this for a while now…talked about making my journal public (for the Hoot that it is). But before I do, you should know the main reason I keep a journal is to record dreams. For as long as I can recall my dreams have been vivid. All the senses are present, […]

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A Moment in Retrospect

I don’t get caught up in real estate. It isn’t that at all. It’s the awareness of an injury, and the long, long process of recovery. Every day that property in Manhattan remained vacant was a splinter in my mind. Sure, buildings like these aren’t just thrown up. Takes time to build them right. But […]

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