Story Bundle

Howdy hey, folks- Remember last month when we gave away Black Hawks for free? Said we had something big up our sleeves, right? Usually, we’re just talking a lot of smack. But not this time. We’re very proud to announce that Angry Ghosts has been selected for  Sci-Fi Saturday Night’s Story Bundle! Sci-Fi Saturday Night is more than […]

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Local Author Extravaganza

December 26th, Allen Farnham will be attending the Local Author Extravaganza at the Shrewsbury, MA Borders Bookstore. The timing is perfect, because after you’re done returning all the Christmas tree embroidered sweaters and Paisley ties you got this year, you’ll have the chance to spend that fat wad of cash in your pocket on something […]

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Shrewsbury Borders Book Signing

Before anything else, I want to say “Merci Buckets” to Kerry Popp at the Shrewsbury Borders Bookstore for hosting the Local Authors Event. I was pleased at the invite and proud to attend. Sure, I leap at the chance to meet new folks. I’ll drive all over the place to do it, too. Not just […]

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