Of Mortal Creatures Updated


Soon after release, we noticed there were a few things not quite right with our latest offering, Of Mortal Creatures.

Now, we’re pleased to report those issues have been addressed. Since it was under the knife, anyway, OMC benefitted from another pass through the editorial gauntlet. We all agree this is the polished version our readers deserved from day one.

The updated Kindle version has been uploaded to Amazon and is available now.

Revised files have been submitted to our printer along with a punch list of defects requiring attention. These changes should process within the next couple of weeks. We’ll ship out replacement copies as soon as humanly possible.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience, and we thank you megatons for sticking by us all these years!



Oops is right…

Hi, Folks-

It’s never fun to admit when mistakes are made, but it sure beats letting people think it was all intentional.

Just days before publication, we made some last minute edits in Of Mortal Creatures. In doing so, we introduced some glaring typos. Anyone who has purchased the digital copy, a revised update is forthcoming. For anyone who purchased the hard copy, email us proof of purchase and a photo of your book and we’ll mail out a proper replacement once the new batch arrives.

Send proof of purchase and photo of your book to editor@cadreonepublishing.com

We’re also having some difficulties with our printing company. Reports have come in of bad bindings, weak cover color (not black but mottled gray), and blown out contrast for interior images.


Please rest assured, we’re not OK with this…

We’ve alerted our printer (who normally does amazing work) so that these issues can be solved ASAP.

Thank you!


Of Mortal Creatures available worldwide Dec 25th

We at C.O.P. thought this day would never come. We thought, Well, that’s it… Farnham’s finally gone and done himself stupid. It was a rational assumption, because death is a brain cell’s only reasonable means of protest against liquor of that magnitude.

Yet, here we are.

9780982711651-Perfect OMC.indd


For a Cadre Operator, the need to serve is bred in the bone and honed to a razor’s edge…

Thompson, Argo, and Maiella were once the inseparable Team Spectre, unequaled in lethality and stealth. But mistaken identity aboard the Colony Ship Europa led to seventeen human deaths. In a time where all mankind numbers less than two-thousand, taking human life is the only unforgivable crime…

For Argo, nothing matters more than regaining his honorable place in the Operator Corps. For Maiella, subservience to authority is no longer enough, and she searches for a master greater than the Cadre. But Thompson has not faced his demons from the Europa disaster. He must decide where his loyalties lie, and quickly, because the hell storm unleashed during his mission to Earth is catching up with them all.

Print copies available at all major on-line booksellers December 25th. Available for pre-order on Kindle now!

Click the links below for your choice of Paperback or Kindle:

Of Mortal Creatures, Kindle version

Of Mortal Creatures, paperback

When you buy the paperback, the Kindle book is only $.99 extra. Huzzah!

Thank you so much for your patience! We can assure you the series conclusion, Plasma Rain, will not be so long in coming.

As for Farnham, he’s getting a fat sack of charcoal for Christmas. Which he’ll probably use to mellow his cheap bourbon.

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year!



Cover Art for Book 4, Of Mortal Creatures

It must’ve seemed it would never happen. It has been an awfully long wait. That, and the fact our U.K. web host is suddenly riddled with malware, and everyone who tries to log on to our site gets the sternest warnings from their web browser…

Google Chrome: You want to go to this site? Really? Are you sure you want to go to this site? It’s totally unsafe. Like swimming with a necklace of pork chops in Tasmania unsafe. You’re serious? You’re actually going to go to this site? All right. Fine. We can’t stop you. Oh, and why not post your Social Security Number and bank account numbers while you’re at it? It’s your loss, pal. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We’ve got some challenges.

But here’s some proof we’re still very much in business:

9780982711651-Perfect OMC

We at C.O.P. are still pushing for a late December release for paperback, possibly earlier for Kindle.

And we know what you’re saying: “It’s been three years. This better be worth it.”

No worries, folks. It is.

May you all have an excellent Thanksgiving!


Artwork for the Colony ship, Europa

Europa screen grab

From the earliest days of sailing, life at sea was a risk. Skill and stout planks were no guarantee of survival. A man had to love his ship. He had to care for her, had to fuss over every detail so she could weather the harshest storms. If a man did not love his ship, if he didn’t pay attention to the creaks and sighs that warned of trouble, she might sink him.

Ships of old had figureheads—a tangible representation of the ship’s beauty, of her soul. Progress of technology, war, and commerce may have stripped away such non-essentials in the name of economic pragmatism. But the best ships have always been loved by their crews. And that love shows not only in the gleam of her decks. Sometimes, it shows in artwork that graces her hull.

The Colony ship Europa has been traveling for centuries. She is muted by burns and dust, is dented from minor collisions. The hull is patched with unpainted plates.  Yet beneath it all the mural on her side is still visible, bright and alive like the spirits of the people inside.

We discussed artwork that might adorn such a ship. We considered the myth of Europa and the bull…how the maiden was deathly afraid, but that she was so in love, she simply could not stop herself from climbing atop the bull and letting him carry her away to a distant shore.

“The royal maiden, not knowing on whom she was sitting, was even so bold as
also to climb on the back of the bull. As the god very slowly
inched from the shore and the dry land he planted his spurious footprints
deep in the shallows. Thus swimming out farther, he carried his prey off
into the midst of the sea. Almost fainting with terror she glanced back,   
as she was carried away, at the shore left behind. As she gripped one   
horn in her right hand while clutching the back of the beast with the other,   
meanwhile her fluttering draperies billowed behind on the sea breeze.”


It’s a romantic metaphor for space flight, we think.

Sara Richard captured the mood precisely, and when we saw the final draft we knew we had found the Europa’s soul. We’re proud to share it with you here:

europa and bull transparent fix

Look for more of this on the cover of our upcoming release, Of Mortal Creatures.

Thank you all for your patience, and thank you again, Sara, for such beautiful work!