Panda, the Heart, and the Mirror Now Available in Hardcover!

Hi, Folks!

It may have taken a tad longer than we expected (doesn’t it always?), but we are immensely pleased to announce Panda, the Heart, and the Mirror is available now in Hardcover!

Case Laminate cover with premium color inside and out. 70lb paper for quality and durability. Click the image below to order:

Thank you for your patience!


New Artwork for Panda, the Heart, and the Mirror

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and with it our upcoming release, Panda, the Heart, and the Mirror.

You’ve already seen the cover (by the remarkable Van J Levent). Inside, there’s new artwork for every chapter. Here’s a sample:

These strange new woods grew dense with brown vines and creepers that reached up into the trees in chaotic webs. It took effort to push through their thick strands, which was an amusing challenge all its own, until she broke through and tumbled into a clearing. There, a heart sat exposed on a flat rock. The little heart huddled in the cold, shivering. He smiled his best smile at Panda. Then, embarrassed, he shied away.

Panda, the Heart, and the Mirror is a delightful tale about a Panda who rescues a frozen Heart in a wintry forest.

Together, Panda and the Heart embark on a quest to find the man who discarded the Heart and discover why he chose to leave his Heart behind. Along the way they see magnificent sights, encounter spirits of Nature, and discover as much about each other as the land they explore.

Sweet, romantic, and occasionally profound, this is a story both children and adults will adore.

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