About Cadre One Publishing


Founded in May 2009, Cadre One Publishing, LLC is a Micro-Publisher dedicated entirely to individual authors and their projects.

Though not accepting manuscripts at present, we are devoted to aspiring authors. Let us know if we can help.

Cadre One Publishing, LLC

Pflugerville, TX 78660


About our Author


Allen Farham

F A Farnham has always been passionate about technology. Impatient to live in a futuristic world, he eagerly consumed any scientific article or science fiction novel that promised a glimpse. Herbert, Heinlein, and Huxley are three of his chief influences.

Farnham’s first Science Fiction novel, Angry Ghosts (briefly licensed to Eirelander Publishing in 2009 under the title Wraiths of Earth), was released through Cadre One Publishing in 2010. The continuation, Black Hawks From A Blue Sun, was also released in 2010, and the follow up, The Exhausted Dead, was released in 2012. Of Mortal Creatures, the fourth installment of the Angry Ghosts series, released in 2015. And the series conclusion, Plasma Rain, released in 2019.

Farnham’s macabre short story about a brilliant and obsessive Herbalist, Tuckahoe Marble, was acquired by SciFi Saturday Night for the anthology, My Peculiar Family, released in 2016.

His latest work, Panda, the Heart, and the Mirror, was inspired by true life events and released on Valentine’s Day, 2020.

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