Of Mortal Creatures Gets Significant Update

Hello from Texas!

Some publishers are content to kick back and relax while this virus thing sorts itself out. Not us! We know it is waaaaaay too easy to lose a week with porch sitting and adult beverages, so we’re keeping noses to the grindstone.

Now that the Angry Ghosts series is a wrap (after ten years in the making), we’ve gone back and looked over our earlier titles. Sure, we made them the best we knew how. But we were also green as sprouts with shoestring budgets. We can do better.

Black Hawks From a Blue Sun was the first to get a needed update, and has since gone live. Same cover, but much better inside.

Of Mortal Creatures has gotten the business, inside and out. You’ll find a smoother book block interior and a refreshed cover. See it here first!

In the meantime, stay healthy (and sane, if possible) while we wait out the COVID-19 pandemic. Brighter days ahead!



One thought on “Of Mortal Creatures Gets Significant Update

  1. I reread the series when the last book of the series, Plasma Rain, was published. It looks like I might have to revisit my friends once again.The books are addictive; I have been going through withdrawal. Each title is intriguing enough for me to dive in again!

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