A Familiar Beauty


You’ve never met before, and it takes you a while to realize it. Uncommon. Remarkable. Familiar. Warmth and a genuine smile. Simple grace that’d be wasted on film or TV—subtlety no camera could capture.

Polite questions at first then she digs a little deeper. Deep enough to tell you she’s interested. Not in your job, your house, or your income. She’s interested in you.

The more you talk, the more certain you are this can’t be your first meeting. You’re too relaxed; words come too easily. Conversation is more like catching up with an old flame. A kindred soul. One of your tribe. But that ring on her finger means she ain’t yours, mate. If you think you’re the man in the white hat, you’re gonna have to let this one go.

Well, she’s here with you, right now, twirling her hair around a finger and throwing sparks in your tinderbox. Been a while since someone took the time to figure out you’re worth finding. And she likes what she’s found. If the joint was robbed at gunpoint right now, you wouldn’t have the faintest notion. She’s that captivating. You really don’t want her to go.

So you make her laugh, and the sound of it is pure joy. Gets you wondering what a more private encounter might sound like. She sets her wineglass on the bar a little farther away than usual, so you know she’s done with it, then leans closer.

Oh, that’s her hand on your leg, right there…and that arched eyebrow is saying better than words what she has in mind.

Time to decide, mate. Weigh your regrets. When you do, you know.

God damn, she’s worth it.


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