A Matter of Policy?

The death of liberty looks like this

It has been Cadre One Publishing’s policy not to become involved in political matters. There is no joy, or sense, for a publisher of fiction to be concerned with anyone’s political views or opinions. What the Standing Rock Sioux are enduring, however, is not a matter of politics. It is a matter of those with little power being trampled by those with power. It is a grotesque proof that this is not a democracy, because democracy is rule by citizens. This is something far less noble.

This isn’t a Bolivian water riot. This isn’t Venezuela or Ecuador battling an environmentally devastating petroleum company. This is American soil, where Americans are defending their water and land from bulldozers and a pipeline that, if it fails, will ruin both water and land. It is absurd to think such a thing could happen in this country. Now that it has, and we are forced to stare, unblinking, at brutal force turned on those who exercise their most basic rights to exist, unmolested, on their own property…we have to contend with a simple fact: if it can happen to them, it can happen to us all.

History will judge this event correctly. It will look back and see yet another abuse of power on those without power. And future generations will shake their heads, decrying the sins of their elders. But there is opportunity right now to demand the Standing Rock Sioux enjoy the same protections that the rest of us expect. Is it not clear that if it is happening to them, in this country, it can happen to all of us?

Ask yourself what you would do if a company bulldozed your family farm? What if it was your home? Or a cemetery of those who had died serving your nation? Honestly, what would you do?

Our silence dooms these people. And it dooms the rest of us, as well. Please do not remain silent. Get involved! If you feel, even for an instant, that the treatment of the Standing Rock Sioux is wrong then tell the people you elected to serve.

You can sign the White House petition here:

Stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline which endangers the water supply to Native American reservations


Feel free to use the following letter, if you like. Change it around to suit you, or write your own, then send it to your senators and representatives.

Mr/Ms. (Elected Official):
I’m deeply troubled by what I see happening in North Dakota between the Standing Rock Sioux, DAPL, and local law enforcement. The Standing Rock Sioux (and other supporting tribes) are standing up for the most basic of rights (land and water) that were guaranteed by treaty. They are now being violently evicted from the site of peaceful protest.

This is one of the ugliest actions our uniformed services can take. It places those in uniform on the WRONG side of a contest in total opposition to the people they are supposed to protect. It builds an Us vs Them mentality that makes their jobs so much harder going forward, and moreover, it feeds the paranoia of militia groups and anti-government zealots. Our uniformed services should NEVER be in such blatant service of moneyed interests, especially when the legality (by treaty) of such action is still very much in question. My heart goes out to them as much as to the Tribes who are being trampled by greed and threatened with environmental disaster.

ANY support for this indecent action is unacceptable, and I sincerely beg you and your colleagues in office to do whatever is in your power to protect these Americans from a shameful re-enactment of the heinous treaty violations of the 1800s. Please, help make these Americans whole, because the entire nation is watching, and learning, who government truly serves.


Let us be on the right side of history this time.



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