Of Mortal Creatures

Dear Readers-

To those stalwart few  holding out for the continuing adventures of Thompson, Argo, and Maiella, take heart! We’re close to releasing Book #4 in the Angry Ghosts series, and we’re calling it, Of Mortal Creatures.

Those with a sharp eye already know the inspiration for this title.

“Of mortal creatures, all that breathe and move,
Earth bears none frailer than mankind. What man
believes in woe to come, so long as valor
and tough knees are supplied him by the gods?
But when the gods in bliss bring miseries on,
then willy-nilly, blindly, he endures.”

-The Odyssey, by Homer, Book XVIII
Translated by Robert Fitzgerald

The Gods in Bliss came in a very close second, though in the end we agreed such a title was a tad too obscure. Your thoughts? Would be glad to hear them in comments below.

Farnham’s final draft is deep in the editorial process as we speak. Coming together nicely. We anticipate a release this year, in fact. Might be December 31st at 11:59pm but still this year. Provided Farnham gets all his revisions back in a timely fashion it could be sooner. Of course, we’re not holding our collective breath…

(While we’re speaking of our own indolent scribbler, we’d like to congratulate him on his recent marriage! His new bride is a rare beauty, way out of his league. How he managed to pull that off without voodoo charms or killing off every other male on the planet is a complete mystery.)

Cover art is coming from Sara Richard, a remarkable talent with a brilliant future. We’ve been a fan of her work for years, and we’re excited to have her working on the project. Soon as the final draft is in, we’ll share it here.

 In the meantime, check out her page. It’s worth the trip!


Warmest regards,


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