My Peculiar Family

by Sara Richards
by Sara Richard

You don’t get far in life without the help of good friends. And the folks over at Sci Fi Saturday Night have been true friends not just to C.O.P. but to many in the literary and graphic arts.

Sci Fi Saturday Night started as a local radio show. People who loved to talk about about all the cool shit that switched them on. Wasn’t some rambling, ill-informed college radio screed. These were Superfans with deep libraries who knew their stuff. People who attended the conventions, who got to know the faces behind the names and who were always there to promote, boost, and support.



In 2006 the local radio show became a global podcast, and SFSN continues with thousands of regular listeners. That’s how they attract the authors, illustrators, artists, and actors that keep each week fresh.

It’s no surprise, then, that one of the hosts of the show had a cracking good idea. When he came across a box of old tin-type portraits in his mother in law’s attic labelled, “Family,” he had no idea who they were, how they fit in the family tree, what their stories were. Each image was so interesting it demanded a history. So he reached out to authors who had appeared on the show and asked if they’d be interested in writing them.

Viktor the Herbalist
Viktor the Herbalist

Authors were given a photograph, a name, an occupation, and nothing more. What they returned runs the gamut from Fantasy to Science Fiction to Horror.

An Anthology was born…

My Peculiar Family Cover“My name is Chyna Dale. After my parents died I was cleaning out their attic when I found a box of old photos. They were supposedly relatives of mine, but I didn’t recognize them…”

This anthology features original never before seen stories by:

Christopher Golden and James A. Moore

Bracken MacLeod

John Palisano 

Stacey Longo 

Jason J. Mooers 

Robert Mayette

William Meikle 

F. Allen Farnham  (That’s our guy!)

Samantha Boyette 

David Schechter 

Kristi McDowell 

Karen Gosselin 

George O’Connor 

Derrick Belanger 

Bracken MacLeod

John Palisano 

Tracy Hickman

Original artwork by Peter  Vinton, Jr. and Sara Richard

Check out the Kickstarter page by clicking below. Please, help us spread the word and share this with everyone you know!

My Peculiar Family Cover

For more information please contact The Dome at:

Sci Fi Saturday Night is the official podcast of Boston Comic Con, Granite State Comic Con, Rhode Island Comic Con, Comic Art House, and Books & Boos.


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