A Note on Downloading…



We’ve discussed Piracy at length here at Cadre One Publishing, and the discussions aren’t as one-sided as you’d think.

It always begins the same: we’ll see a sudden dip in our sales, and we know our books have been posted to (yet another) illegal download site. So we go find them and send out our DMCA notifications. Usually the links are taken down in a couple weeks. But every time it happens, its a dent in our income.

Mind you, none of us got into publishing to get rich. Who would these days, right? But we gotta eat once in a while. So the same question always comes up:

“What do we do about it?”

Piracy is the reality of an unregulated internet, and we have to face it. Some authors and publishers go out, legal guns blazing, with cease and desist orders, police reports, and computer/server seizures. That doesn’t really strike our fancy (unless the offenses are REALLY egregious). And it’s good to see the work is getting popular enough that others want to share it.

Thinking of it that way, we’re glad that people are getting into the story of Maiella, Argo, and Thompson. Yeah, we’d rather earn a living most days, but we’re still pleased the work is out there being enjoyed.

It doesn’t really matter where you got it. Amazon, B&N, or the Pirate Bay. What we ask is that if you’ve read our books, and you liked them, but haven’t paid for them, throw the author a buck or two via PayPal or Square Cash. It’s a little thing, but it really helps.

PayPal: fafarnham@gmail.com

Square Cash: Cash.me/$FAFARNHAM

Plus, we don’t want Farnham to give up and abandon the last book. Because when tip jars at open mic nights start to become a more reliable form of income, you know it’s pretty bleak.

Can’t do this without your support!



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