Progress on Plasma Rain

Bring me the axe

Dear Readers-

This is going to read like an apology to an abused lover. And right it should, since we at C.O.P. absolutely adore our readers. But like the jerk in any abusive relationship, we’ve been unkind. Two years it has been since our last release, and people have been rightfully asking,

“When is your next book coming out? …you just can’t leave it like this.”

We let Farnham field that one, which, in hindsight, could have been like letting Mommie Dearest handle the gardening. We’re lucky he was actually coherent that day.

In that response, Farnham said we had some soul searching to do, which is true. And we’ve decided that Plasma Rain is not ready. Yes, it’s novel length at 100,000 unedited words. But to sling a cover on it now, without a conclusion… Wouldn’t be right for anyone, least of all for our readers.

Our target is to have a fully proofed, finished work available before next December. If Farnham continues at his current rate, we might actually make it.

This will wrap it all, folks. We’re excited to get it to you. Can’t cheap out now, though. No short cuts. We owe you nothing less than our very best.

It should go without saying, however, that we will be whipping Farnham with wire coat hangers until he gets us a clean first draft. Want to help? Send us any that are cluttering your closet. They’ll go to good use.


Thanks for hanging in there, and we’ll keep you posted on progress!


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