Branching Out

Day Job

Howdy, folks.

Being a micro publisher means we can try a few things to maximize efficiency, experiment with them to see how they work. Another way of saying it is that our day jobs keep getting in the way, so we do as much as we can in the time we have.

One distributor seemed to offer our biggest bang for the buck: Kindle Direct. Biggest market, national distribution, easy set up, nice automation, and strong returns for exclusivity. But recent events are a tad concerning.

Why should Amazon have any say whatsoever in what a publisher charges for their books?

We have no affiliation with Hachette. And to be frank, we do think their ebook prices are high. But who are we to say? If that’s what the market will bear, then let them charge what they like. There just isn’t any sense in Amazon trying to strong arm a publisher into a pricing model.

So we’re branching out. Something we should have done ages ago, in fact. As of today, all three books from Cadre One Publishing are available for download from Barnes & Noble Nook Books:

Angry Ghosts

Black Hawks From a Blue Sun

The Exhausted Dead

Next stop will be iBooks. Would be there already if Mavericks OS would run on our old Black MacBook. We’ll let you know soon as they’re up and available.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, work continues on Plasma Rain. We know this one’s been a long time coming. Bringing the series to conclusion will take many pages, and we want to make sure it never turns preachy, never drags. Hang in there, folks. We’ll make certain it’s worth it.

In the meantime, keep that hate mail coming! We use it to keep the fire going under Farnham’s feet.



2 thoughts on “Branching Out

  1. Are you thinking about expanding the book to other sites? I found Angry Ghosts through Story Bundle but I don’t own a kindle and no longer own a Nook. Releasing the books some place like Smashwords would be amazing since it lets you upload the files to any ereader. I’d definitely be first in line to buy the books if I was just able to download an epub file from some place!

    1. Hi, Koko-

      Thanks for reaching out!

      We’re always considering other sites to extend our reach, but we’ve found that many have restrictions or exclusivity demands that make it, well, not so easy for a small press to cover multiple sites.

      Out of curiosity, have you tried a program called Calibre? It’s freeware that lets you easily convert file type for your preferred e-reader.
      Like you, we don’t always have a Nook or Kindle handy, so that program is pretty useful to us.

      Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:

      Btw, what device do you prefer to use?


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