Thanks are due…

Bear Hi 5Back in May, our licensing contract with Eirelander Publishing expired and electronic rights to Angry Ghosts came home. Where Black Hawks and Exhausted Dead were already out on eBook, not having Ghosts available for download was kind of a gap in our line up. So we gave it one last touch up and put it out on Amazon, Kindle Direct, thinking we’d have a few folks that might be interested.

We had no idea we’d get more downloads in six weeks than we had for the entire three years it was under license!

Who is to thank? You. Without our readers, who are we? Nothing. Pedantic, myopic bookworms. Coffee shop denizens who argue about the utility of blasters vs lightsabers. Geeks, basically. Only when we have readers that enjoy and support our work do we earn the right to call ourselves authors and publishers.

To our American readers, British readers, German readers, Canadian readers, and Italian readers, we at C.O.P. humbly thank you all!

We’ve been feeling so good, we decided to let Farnham out of his windowless basement office for a bit of fresh Summer air. We immediately regret it, of course, because now he doesn’t want to go back. So if you would, please forward cajoling letters to get him working again. We find that a tone of parental disappointment mixed with veiled threats of physical punishments brings the best results.

And when those results are finally good enough to share, we’ll have them out to you in a flash.

Happy Summer from all of us at C.O.P.!

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