You know it when you see it. And if you could see us now, you’d see an assemblage of gin-soaked nerds more proud than Bill Gates on his first date. We simply could not be any more pleased to announce that our new book, The Exhausted Dead, is finally available in print and eBook.

Took us a long time getting here (for which we’ve frequently hazed our author) but now at Journey’s End we can sit back, relax, and share with you what we’ve been building, cutting, and shaping over the last two and a half years:

Exhausted Dead Cover

For a Cadre Operator, there is no retirement but death.

Thompson, Argo, and Beckert limp back to Cadre One in a stolen transport. The reconnaissance mission to occupied Earth has left them broken, barely alive. But the truths they discovered beneath the rotted concrete of Washington, D.C. cut deeper than Blueskin knives…

In the terabytes of raw data from Earth, Cadre Techs find evidence of another covert research station called, ‘Cadre Two.’ If it exists, could it have escaped the genocide like Cadre One? Could there be survivors?

Cadre Operators quietly don their gear and prepare for rotation. Beneath their stoic exteriors, they know Cadre Two could be a burned out shell. Or, it could be a trove of lost technologies, possibly a refuge should the ancient machinery at Cadre One fail…

…if the saffron-eyed alien hasn’t found it first.

We’re trying out Kindle Direct, so pop over to Amazon for eBook. You can also get yourself a print copy, while you’re there.

For anyone who’d like a signed copy, First Editions purchased direct from us at COP will have Farnham’s chicken scratch on the first pages. Let him know for whom he is signing. If he’s too hungover, we’ll prop him up, jam a pen in his hand, and tell him he’s late for his college finals again. Be prepared for a list of likely economic spin-offs from Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative or a rambling treatise on Big Oil and Agribusiness in South America.

So we’re hoisting our glasses in celebration, toasting another cycle completed. If you’re local, come on by. More the merrier.

And speaking of merry…May Santa bring you all something good this year.


Ever forward.


3 thoughts on “Pride

  1. Xmas is about forgiveness and putting behind grudges, I guess. Been long enough. Congrats on your new release and have a good Xmas and New Year.

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