A Note on Progress…

At C.O.P., we know better than to give you, dear readers, a timeline. It’s been more than two years since our last release, thanks to our eccentric, unhinged, and ever-so-delinquent author. We’ve attempted to bring him to heel through various forms of incentive, persuasion, and torture; yet his disparate personalities remain slippery and elusive–a herd of cats, all his own.

What we offer instead is a note on what we’ve accomplished so far:

Final round of edits are done, errata is done, and the manuscript has been delivered to our copyeditor, Cameron Chapman. A fulltime writer, blogger, and web designer, Ms. Chapman has contributed her expertise on social media and internet topics to some of the most popular blogs in the world (mashable.com, smashingmagazine.com, tutsplus.com).

Original artwork is coming from Bill Walko. You can see one of the book block interior graphics below.

We asked Bill to pen a Raccoon scientist mascot, the kind of thing you might see in a Junior High School chemistry lab safety poster. Something that would lighten the heart of anyone who looked at it. As you can see, he delivered perfectly. It’s friendly, inviting, and non-threatening–a disarming idiosyncrasy amid the unrestrained experimentation at Cadre Two.

So when will you see a new release? Well…

Rest assured, it’s out of our author’s hands at this point. That means there won’t be any more delays of the kind you’ve repeatedly endured. Production is moving quickly now, and we want to give you a hard date, but… Things are going so nicely… We don’t want to jinx it just yet.

In the meantime, keep sending that hate mail. We use one letter to paper cut Farnham for every day past his deadline. There’s still a deficit.

Before we go…

From ALL of us at Cadre One Publishing, hats off to Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, Mars Science Lab, Cal Tech, and all the sub-cons who made the Curiosity landing come off so smoothly. After the shut down of the Shuttle program, we were getting kind of mopey around the office. Sure is nice to have pride again in something American made. Bravo, Ladies and Gents! You done real good.

Now that is a Touchdown…


Ever forward.


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