Check your wallets, folks

Ever go to a public event and it’s so surprisingly good, you’re sure it’s only a distraction so you won’t notice your money clip just got lifted?

Yeah, it’s kinda like that. Our inert, dawdling, obstinate author finally completed his third work, and we’re so dumbfounded we’re patting our backsides to make sure we haven’t been pilfered.

And only six months behind deadline… It’s like Amelia Earhart just landed at Logan Jetport and said, “Oh, hi, fellas. Did I keep you?”

Oh, Hi Fellas! Did you miss me?

So what now?

We at C.O.P. have to brush off the cobwebs then get rolling with edits, artwork, layout, and printing so we can get this beast into your hands, dear readers.

Not for nothing, we’re excited to share this one, even more so than the others. And please, forgive us for the delay. We understand painfully what it means to be kept waiting. Unlike some…

As for our author, that delinquent philistine, we think it only fair you devise some wretched torture to serve penance. Email us your dastardly suggestions. The most diabolical wins. With photographic evidence upon completion.

See, Farnham? There’s always a premium for tardiness.

Ever forward.


2 thoughts on “Check your wallets, folks

  1. I suggest a manually powered self ball kicking machine. All that comprises it is a wheel with boots attached with a crank to put the boots in motion. The user/receiver turns a crank to set the wheel in motion and we’re off to the races!

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