Change of Scenery

As is necessary from time to time, things change. Change, unlike greed, is good.

Cadre One Publishing has embraced this cosmic inevitability and found a home in New Hampshire. This state was often the scene of our escape from work retreats; the fresh air and greenery make it feel like we’ve put down permanent stakes in a campsite. Nothing could be more pleasing.

As with our North Carolina experiment, order fulfillment is uninterrupted and contact information is the same. There was some impediment to Farnham’s progress on the book, which we allowed so we could make him our rented mule. Not only did we save hundreds of dollars on movers, he makes the most amusing faces carrying office furniture–beet red with his little arms and legs shaking… We should move more often.

That said, it’ll be a photo finish to get the new book out this year. One of the hitches is that we haven’t found the right art for our cover yet. We’re looking for something evocative of Heartfield’s Peace and Fascism.

Anti-Nazi, Anti war

We understand why some artists would hesitate. This would be pretty hard to top. As Nehru said, however, “It seldom goes to the timid who are ever afraid of the consequences.”

Artists interested in discussing the project should reach out to us at Editor (at) CadreOnePublishing dot com. We understand that great work is not free, nor should it be. So be straight with your rates.

We’re also taking Beta readers for the manuscript, once finished. You see, we’re exceedingly generous, and we believe others should have the chance to savage our author’s self-esteem like a circle of chanting sixth graders, too. Volunteers: reach out at the above address.

That’s all for now. We’ll see you in the White Mountains…


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