To the point…

“When one does not know what to say, it is time to be silent”

Yul Brynner delivered that line in the movie, The King and I. Being direct ourselves, we appreciate that sort of candor and find ourselves quite willing to give it, especially to all the little Napoleons in their giant gas pigs who would rather burn two thousand miles off their tires than let you merge into traffic ahead of them.


So while we’re feeling honest, let’s cut right to it. There will be a new book this year. Mr. Farnham recently posted that the new book was going to be much longer than the others, that it would take him as long as eighteen months to finish.

Yeah, right.

Keeping you waiting that long, dear readers, is a ludicrous stretch. And so we commit to a new novel before year end, if not sooner. We also commit to taking back editorial privilege over our author’s posts.

Will it be the last of the series? No.

Cadre 2 has maintained its secrets for over a thousand years and only grudgingly gives them up. It is a place of phenomenal advancement achieved in the absence of compassion or conscience. There is so much to tell. More to show.

Cramming everything into one book just to complete a trilogy would be foolish and wrong. The remaining story is simply too large to fit neatly within one final cover. So this will not be the last of the series.

The title? We’re running with Exhausted Dead for now, as the Homeric phrase applies on multiple levels. How, you may ask?

Heh. We may be in an honest mood, but we sure aren’t giving that away.

Keep the mail coming. Except for you spammers.


Ever forward.


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