Happy Frakkin’ Holidays


With madness. Lots of madness.

That’s a pretty fair summary of the last few weeks here at C.O.P. It may have seemed quiet. But, uh, no.

Work goes on with the third and final installment. A little slower than we like, but it goes. We’re anticipating the completed work by May with the editorial knock-arounds and design/formatting done by July. Considering our author has yet to give us a defensible title, well… It’s motivation time!

Sadly, we just can’t decide, so we leave it to you, dear and faithful friends.

Perhaps some new office furniture?

or maybe some inspiration from Holy Mother Church?

Those zany Spaniards!

Ah, torture. Nothing puts us in the seasonal spirit like cruel and unusual punishments. But then, we’re a modern publishing company. That should be taken as given.

C.O.P.- “As for you, Farnham, let’s keep those chapters coming. We’re starting to feel a bit…Inquisitional.”

Farnham- “You don’t scare me. I worked retail…”

C.O.P.- “We all had a job in retail once…”

Farnham- “…for thirteen years.”

(Awkward silence broken by shuffling feet.)

C.O.P.- “We’ll sing Christmas Carols.”

(Air in office occults with tangible fear)

Farnham- “That’s wanton.”

(staring contest ensues)

C.O.P- “I played my drum for Him, pa rum pum pum pum…”

(Maniacal shrieks. A door slams. MacBook start up tone sounds, followed by clacks of key strokes)

And business resumes…

We’ll be sending our notoriously untanned author out into public this month. Keep an eye out for him in Massachusetts area bookstores.

Til then…


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