First Draft of “Book 3” Complete

Book 3…?

Feh. Really, Farnham? You still don’t have a title for us? You wrote the whole thing out, and nothing comes to mind?


Looks like once again, we’ll be coming up with the title. How about,

FINALLY Someone in this Story Does the Nasty

or maybe

Blueskins Who Do More Than Die

or even

Coping With the End of Your Entire Civilization: A ‘How To’ Guide

Nah, didn’t think so.

All kidding aside, we’re excited about this last installment. Where the first two in the series were radically different in story, pace, feel, this one combines elements of both. Maiella’s absence in the second book was lamented by many of you, a feeling we thoroughly understand. So it will please you to learn just how heavily she factors in the conclusion.

Angry Ghosts had emotional weight to it. Though we recognize the book’s flaws as a first work, we still love the message it contains and are enamored with the principal characters, Argo, Maiella and Thompson.

Black Hawks From a Blue Sun had a chilly, sterile feeling about it. That was by design, since the reader is along for the ride on a Cadre mission to occupied Earth. The lush, overgrown forests have returned to most of the North American continent, yet are juxtaposed against the blasted, irradiated ruins of Mankind’s greatest endeavors. The book is deeply cynical in places. Again, we understand why that would turn many of you off. Yet it is the beginning of understanding to a much greater question:

How does one end the cycle of violence?

In the story’s progression, we see our modern world filtered through the lens of a dystopic future. The Cadre’s Problems, the Colonists’ problems, even the Blueskins’ problems are our own. And it’s easy to become deeply cynical about them. But there is always the choice to remain cynical and ineffectual, or to risk all for positive change.
On this exact question, there is dissension in the ranks which made the first draft of Book 3 such an enjoyable read.

(Book 3? Dammit, Farnham, you hear how lame that last sentence sounds? If we don’t get a working title soon, we’re breaking your French coffee press.)

Keep checking back for Black Hawks reviews and for updates on the progress of…ahemBook 3.


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