Shrewsbury Borders Book Signing

Before anything else, I want to say “Merci Buckets” to Kerry Popp at the Shrewsbury Borders Bookstore for hosting the Local Authors Event. I was pleased at the invite and proud to attend.

Sure, I leap at the chance to meet new folks. I’ll drive all over the place to do it, too. Not just for publicity (which is pretty fantastic), for the chance to experience different areas, local flavors. North Carolina Barbecue, for example. Boston Ale. D.C. architecture and history. NYC art scene. Virginia contract law… All of it interesting and memorable.

So what next?

The short answer is this: returning to the North Shore of Boston, settling into a small apartment, and finishing the next book. The summer has been hectic and loaded with distractions. That sounds like a cop-out. Maybe it is. But I can say with certainty the schedule will normalize in two weeks. That’ll do wonders for productivity.

HUGE thanks to all who turned out at the event and took a chance on a new author like me. Also, to the fellow authors at the event and their great ideas. Very glad we all reached out.

Keep checking the home site and here, of course, for updates. In the meantime, feel free to drop me or C.O.P. a line via email. (allen at CadreOnePublishing dot com)



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