Author’s update

Howdy from Burlington, NC!

While temps in the upper 90s can be a tad oppressive, the thunderstorms have been worth it. Window rattling thunder, Emergency Alert System Warnings on the radio, golf ball hail, and end-of-the-world-style deluges…the magnificence of nature is well-demonstrated. Just don’t leave your car outside, if you can help it.

Then again, the pool takes the edge off nicely.

But like our president says, “Make no mistake”. This is no vacation time. Work continues as always.

To give an idea of overall progress through the story, here are a couple photos which demonstrate far better than could be explained.

That stack of paper represents the rest of the story in hand-written notes, illustrations, diagrams, and rough drafts. The top page picks up immediately where Black Hawks left off.

Now have a look at this:

Do you see the hand-written page number at the top? That’s right. Both Angry Ghosts AND Black Hawks From a Blue Sun combined were only the first 137 pages. I clearly have work to do.

Is there chaff to cut? Of course. There’s also a lot to develop and explore. Thompson, Maiella, and Argo are like dear friends, whispering their desires, pains, and hopes. They dictate their path through time and space. I faithfully record that journey.

So where are they now?

Coming shortly, the first three chapters will be posted on this blog page. That should keep you going ’til the next book is in your hands.

Loving the comments and feedback, everyone. Keep it coming. You can reach me directly: allen at cadreonepublishing dot com.


-Allen Farnham

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