Yo Mama

I saw yo mama walkin’ down the street kickin’ a can. I said, “Hey! Whatcha doin’?”
She said, “Moving.”

Yup. Cadre One Publishing is moving. We’re taking the biz down to North Carolina for a while. There will be no interruptions to order fulfillment, thanks to the miracles of modern technology.

So why North Carolina?


or this?

Beautiful summers, short winters, growing economy, and low real estate prices. Ahem. Really low. Like 4,000 sq ft homes on three acres for under $200k low.

Yeah. That’s what we said.

It’s so long to excellent Salem, for now. We’ll miss those gloriously tacky days in October.

In the meantime, Black Hawks is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

We’ll be thinking about you in February when we start wearing shorts again.


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