Angry Ghosts re-released as e-book from Eirelander Publishing

Sporting minor re-writes and an all new cover, Angry Ghosts has been re-released under the title WRAITHS of EARTH as an e-book from Eirelander Publishing.

Eirelander Publishing is making a name for itself in hot, hot romance novels and its own signature line of Sci-Fi. The addition of Allen’s name to the roster represents a major step forward for him as a professional author. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Angry Ghosts is still available as a paperback from Cadre One Publishing, for now. The second print run is in with a reduced price of $9.99. Plans are to combine Angry Ghosts and Black Hawks From a Blue Sun into a single hardback for release late Fall 2010. Nothing’s in stone yet, however, as it will largely be based on demand.

Meanwhile, review copies for Black Hawks have gone out. We’ll post the reviews as soon as we receive them, so check back often.


Wraiths of Earth– Released May 8, 2010 by Eirelander Publishing. Available as .pdf, HTML, or Mobi Pocket. $5.99
Kindle $9.99

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