Excuses, Excuses.

Here at Cadre One Publishing, we know what you think of excuses: Everyone’s got one, they all stink, and no one wants to hear it.

Yeah. And you’re right.

So how come Black Hawks isn’t on your coffee table right now? (sigh)

We really want to give you an excuse…

The fact is, it just isn’t ready yet. The author has completed the edits assigned, but there are more to come. A comprehensive errata will be performed over the next week, after which we can knock off the last of the burrs and get it into layout.
Typically, there is about a two month interim between finished production and official release (so reviewers can have at it). Anyone who pre-orders by April 30th can get an advance copy signed by the author before official release. Buy it here with your paypal account.

For a taste, here is the new cover. Pops a bit better than the old mock up.

Black Hawks From A Blue Sun Book cover


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