Internet Famous

Internet Famous: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Online Celebrity

How often does it happen that you find something so suddenly, directly, and immediately useful? All the time? Never?

For those who have begun an online presence, whether starting a new business, raising awareness for a cause, or just social networking, you know the internet is a cacophony of screaming voices all demanding to be heard. And there you are, stepping into the gale, trying to get your message out while torrents of distractions roar by: lolcatz, FAILBlog, Greatest WoW Freak Out Ever! How do you fight that?

You don’t. You gear up with a powerful sound system, crank it to eleven, and take the stage.

Chapman has taken her years of experience in the online realm and distilled the essences of what works. A fulltime writer, blogger, and web designer, she has contributed her expertise on social media and internet topics to some of the most popular blogs in the world (,, With that expertise, she has produced a truly essential handbook for marketing in the digital age.

Part primer, part reference guide, part marketing plan, part personal consultant, Internet Famous dives right in to the history of social media, identifies the many varieties, and explains the various benefits of each. And there are many… Sure, most of us already know about Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Maybe even LinkedIn. But what about Buzznet? Flixster? DeviantART?

Knowledge of these sites doesn’t translate into overnight success, of course, so Chapman takes the reader on a logical journey from the very start. She helps the reader identify their ultimate goal and launches a thorough analysis of how to get there: finding a niche, building your own site, promoting it (and yourself) with blogging/microblogging, involvement in social networks, photo sharing, videos, podcasting/vlogging, SEO (search engine optimization), linkbait, and a lot more.

Once the major parts are in place, Chapman advises sagely on the strategies of internet marketing. Her expertise glows with dos and don’ts to avoid derailing your entire effort (My personal favorite is “How to not look like a dork”). She presents valuable strategies for preserving your online reputation, even how to respond to negative publicity should you encounter it. And she provides time management practices which will keep you from being sucked into your computer all day.

Follow her advice, and you just may find your online fame carries over to the off-line world of fans, interviews, and social events. Oh, yeah…and income.

Internet Famous: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Online Celebrity is available from for $24.99. Published by Untime Press, Orleans, VT 2009.

Highly recommended. Essential for anyone starting any form of on-line presence.

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