A quick note

The second major rewrite for Black Hawks from a Blue Sun is complete, a few days ahead of schedule. It’s a good deal longer than Angry Ghosts, and even though it is a direct continuation of the story, this book feels significantly different. There’s an edge to this one. Not edgy, but edged. It cuts.
Without giving anything away, we know a lot of folks won’t like it.
But C.O.P was formed exactly for these books. Before we incorporated, the author showed us the entire story (written long hand as “notes” on over a thousand loose pages of printer paper). We know where it goes. Where it ends.
It’s a worthy journey.

Final edits and errata will take most of February, and we anticipate a late March, early April release. As always, fans, thanks for your patience! Review copies will be available before release, naturally, and to reserve one, email us at fafarnham at gmail dot com. Preference will be given to anyone who has already reviewed Angry Ghosts.

In the meantime, we’ll be working like thralled demons, trying not to focus on the fact Avatar’s aliens are blue skinned with yellow eyes and tails…


2 thoughts on “A quick note

  1. Congrats on its completion, Allen! Best of luck with production. Happy to be a “set of eyes” if you need one, otherwise looking forward to it!



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