Waiting stinks.

I hate to wait. No really, you have no idea. I tried to see Avatar four times in two days. When I saw the lines, I turned around, got back in my car. Four times. So I understand the e-mails I’m getting. Your impatience is unbelievably flattering.

From the outside looking in, it may seem like things have been quiet here. To the contrary, the last few weeks have been filled with the clackety clack of keys, maniacal ravings (with attendant delusions), and the burbling of a coffee pot that never sleeps. I’ve made excellent progress on Black Hawks, and I expect to complete the second major re-write before month end. In anticipation of the completed novel, Cadre One has begun the early stages of production, beginning with cover concepts. Here’s an early front runner:

A February release is a little optimistic, but soon after. In the meantime, I’ve got work to do.

Happy New Year, all.

-Allen Farnham

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