Another Review for Angry Ghosts

Anna (aka Ocelott) from Genre Reviews offered such a comprehensive and thoughtful analysis we’re simply indebted forever. Balanced, insightful, it’s the kind of review that one typically should pay for.
Here is one of our favorite bits:

“I could have read an entire book just based on the world-building and the culture clashing presented here, it was put together so beautifully.”

Brings tears to our eyes.

Was it all roses and glowing cheeks? Heh.Of course not! There is a great deal which did not escape her scrutiny, thankfully, and the questions she raises all ring true.
But wait! Doesn’t it sting to get criticism?
Only when the reviewer has an axe to grind. Genuine feedback is the best tonic for anyone wishing to improve their craft. This review was remarkably illuminating, sufficient to influence the final version of the sequel, Black Hawks From a Blue Sun. And it finishes on a great note…

“…this book has something to say.”

See the full review here. And while there, take a look around. It’s a great place to wander.

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