First Draft of A.G. sequel finished

While still needing a title, the first sequel for Angry Ghosts has been penned. And yes, we mean penned, because Allen still writes things out longhand first.

C.O.P.- “You have three computers, sometimes on simultaneously. Why do you still write longhand?”

FAF- “I just like the feel of paper. And Pilot G2s. ”

C.O.P.- “You’re only creating more work for yourself. Now you have to go back and type, what is it, 275 pages?”

FAF- “Yeah.”

C.O.P.- “What, were you born in the thirties? Or are you a member of the Flat Earth Society?”

FAF- “What do you mean?”

C.O.P.- “Are you a masochist, or just inefficient? You have deadlines, you know.”

FAF- “Heh. I wouldn’t expect you to understand, but there is a tactile element to my creativity. I use computers for the business end, like editing, submitting, promoting, etc. By writing things out longhand, there is a partition between those mental departments which keeps one from overly influencing the other.”

C.O.P.- “Sounds like you’re trying to justify your schizophrenia.”

FAF- “The voices tell good stories.”

So there you have it. The early chapters will be posted on Authonomy once “the voices” tell him the title of his new book. And we’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Don’t forget: this weekend is the Essex Street Fair in Salem. Come on out!

One thought on “First Draft of A.G. sequel finished

  1. I truly understand the satisfaction of writing with a pen. I still love the old fashioned ink pens, but, people aske me whether I have ever heard of the modern invention called the ball point pen. Typing creates a neater copy, but never gives the satisfaction of the handwritten word. Too bac many young people of today will never know that feeling.

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